A brand new adventure reality show is coming to Prime Video in a matter of days, with nine pairs set to go head-to-head with the hopes of winning £1,000,000.


007: Road To A Million is a take on reality TV you've likely never seen before. The show will see 18 contestants from all walks of life take on various James Bond style challenges in locations from the films, including the picturesque Scottish Highlands and sunny Jamaica.

Throughout the competition, the pairs will have to answer questions hidden all over the world by the controller, who, in this case, is Brian Cox.

As the adventure series soon hits screens, read on for everything you need to know about 007: Road To A Million, including when it begins airing and the thrilling trailer.

007: Road To A Million release date

007: Road To A Million will launch on Friday 10th November.

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There will be eight episodes in the adventure series, and all episodes will launch on the same day on Prime Video.

007: Road To A Million contestants

The cast of 007: Road To A Million
The cast of 007: Road To A Million. Prime Video.

There will be 18 contestants taking part in 007: Road To A Million. Split into nine pairs, the cast features people from all walks of life, including youth workers, retired police officers and radio presenters.

The duos will be pushed to the limit, both physically and mentally. With each question they find worth an increasing an amount of money, it begs the question of how far they will go for £1,000,000.

The cast of 007: Road To A Million are as follows:

  • James and Joey
  • Beth and Jen
  • Kamara and Josh
  • Sana and Saiqa
  • James and Sam
  • Keith and Nick
  • Colin and Danny
  • Grace and Daniella
  • Tanaka and James

007: Road To A Million Controller

Brian Cox in 007’s Road to a Million.
Brian Cox in 007’s Road to a Million. Gemma Cox/Prime Video Prime Video

Brian Cox takes on the role of 'The Controller' on the adventure series. His role has been described as an "enigmatic character who controls the fate of the contestants".

He will be asking questions for the contestants to answer. The catch? They have been placed all over the world.

As his role on the show was announced, Cox said: "I got to see how ordinary people would cope with being on a James Bond adventure. As they travel the world to some of the most iconic Bond locations, it gets more intense and nail-biting.

"I enjoyed my role both as villain and tormentor, with license to put the hopefully participants through the mangle."

007: Road To A Million trailer

The trailer of 007: Road To A Million was recently unveiled, teasing the thrilling adventure the nine pairs will embark on.

You can watch the full trailer below:

007: Road to a Million will be available to stream on Prime Video from Friday 10th November 2023 – you can sign up now for a free 30-day Prime Video trial.

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