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Radio Times League of Fandoms

Does your fandom have what it takes to go the distance and win the league?

Published: Monday, 18th April 2016 at 12:00 pm

You've played Radio Times TV Champion in your millions, but now it's time for the ultimate test of dedication to your favourite franchise - League of Fandoms!


How does it work?

Each week from April 19th to May 17th 2016, ten fandoms will compete against each other in 90-minute matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm (BST) in Division 1 of the competition. A further ten fandoms will compete in Division 2 of the competition in 90-minute matches on Thursdays and Tuesdays at 4pm (BST) from April 21st

How do I vote?

On Match Days, a link to the voting page will become live here at 4pm (BST). The links will only work at 4pm (BST) so if you try clicking before that time you won't be able to cast a vote yet.


How do you win a match?

The winner of each 90-minute match will receive 3 points in the league table, but the losing team gets nothing.

Every fandom must play each other, but who will be organised enough to work as a team on social media and top the table when the season comes to an end?

The winning team in Division 1 will win bragging rights across the internet, but the bottom teams teams will be relegated.

How exactly do the two divisions work?

In both Division 1 and Division 2, all ten teams play each other once for 90-minutes.

The winning team in each match receives three points, the losing team receives nothing.

Division 1

At the end of the season, the team with the most points in League of Fandoms Division 1 will be crowned League of Fandoms champion and will defend their title next season.

The three lowest placed teams in Division 1 will be automatically relegated into Division 2 for the following season.

Division 2

The team that finishes top of Division 2 at the end of the season will be crowned League of Champions Division 2 Champion and will be automatically promoted into Division 1 for the following season. The team that finishes in second place in Division 2 will also be automatically promoted into Division 1.

The teams that finish in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th will enter the play-offs at the end of the season.

3rd will play 6th place in a one-off knock out semi-final match. 4th will play 5th place in a one-off knock out semi-final match.

The winners of these semi-finals will play each other in the play-off final. The winner of the play-off final will be promoted to Division 1 for the following season.

The three teams at the bottom of Division 2 may be relegated from the League of Fandoms completely and replaced by new elected fandoms, or will be relegated to Division 3 when and if it is created.

Why is my fandom not in the League yet?

League of Fandoms Division 1 has been selected based on performance in previous Champion tournaments and the most popular content on

League of Fandoms Division 2 has been selected based on further data from our site, but also incorporates many of the most requested fandoms you've suggested to us.

League of Fandoms is by its very nature a fluid tournament, and we hope to add new divisions and new teams over the coming months and years. So if you'd like to put forward your fandom to be included next season, please let us know in the comments box below and we'll do what we can to incorporate them into the game.

When is my team playing?

Division 1 fixtures for the whole season are available here.

Division 2 fixtures for the whole season are available here.

Where can I keep track of how my team is doing?

The Division 1 and 2 league tables will be updated after each series of matches here.


Let's play League of Fandoms!


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