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Queer Eye to feature lesbian makeover for first time in season 3

Tan France also teased that season three of the Netflix series will be "everything that you would've liked from seasons one and two, but amplified"

Published: Monday, 29th October 2018 at 1:46 pm

The fab five will makeover a lesbian for the first time in Queer Eye season three, according to the gang's resident fashion expert Tan France.


Appearing on new Netflix variety series, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, the Queer Eye star revealed, "We have our first lesbian on the show this year and she's formidable. What we do with her, you're going to love it."

It's the first bit of concrete info we've obtained about season three, which will see the gang move from Atlanta, Georgia to Kansas City, Missouri. The British style consultant also teased that it will be "everything that you would've liked from seasons one and two, but amplified."

And, yes, that means there will probably be plenty of tears involved.

"These heroes get me every week," he said of the makeover recipients. "It's the best experience."

Earlier this year, Karamo Brown told that the show seeks to make culturally relevant conversations digestible for people in Middle America, and it looks like season three is going to continue in that vein.

"To have five men come in with just loving, supportive attitudes, who were able to hit culturally relevant conversations in a way that were going to be digestible for people in middle America and for people round the world who haven’t been exposed to a lot of this," he said.

"But it’s testament to us as five men, to the crew, the editors, everyone who had their hand in this, to the openness of our heroes, because it allowed the world to see a glimmer of hope. We’re more alike than we are different."


Queer Eye season 3 is expected to be released on Netflix in 2019


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