Nick Grimshaw puts Mason Noise, Ché Chesterman and Seann Miley Moore through to X Factor live shows 2015

Mason Noise, Ché Chesterman and Seann Miley Moore are Grimshaw's top three Boys as Josh Daniel, Simon Lynch and Ben Clark are cut at Judges' Houses

Nick Grimshaw has decided which three Boys he’s taking through to this year’s X Factor live shows. 


It follows the boys’ final auditions at Judges’ Houses, which this year saw Grimshaw and the acts head off to the Cotswolds. Here they were joined by guest mentor Mark Ronson

Grimshaw’s category had already had a bit of drama with the controversial return of Mason Noise, following Tom Bleasby’s decision to quit the show

But after seeing the auditions again, Grimmers made his decision live in the studio and his top three Boys are as follows… 

Ché Chesterman

Seann Miley Moore

Mason Noise

Grimshaw cut Simon Lynch, Ben Clark and Josh Daniel from his category. 


Grimmers said controversial choice Mason – who was booed by the crowd – “is a superstar”, but credited his entire group as worthy of a spot in his top three.