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X Factor 2015: Nick Grimshaw's Boys heading for Judges' Houses

Ben Clark, Ché Chesterman, Josh Daniel, Seann Miley Moore, Simon Lynch and Mason Noise are the chosen ones logo
Published: Sunday, 11th October 2015 at 8:01 pm

Nick Grimshaw has survived his first ever Six Chair Challenge, whittling his Boys category down from sixteen singers to six. With somewhat of an explosive reaction from Mason Noise (hint: don't criticise Simon Cowell's show to Simon Cowell) Grimmers eventually got his team sorted. 


It wasn't without difficulty; a lot of his category failed to impress on the day. But with those seats occupied, Grimshaw's looking to be in a pretty good place ahead of this year's Judges' Houses. These will be taking place in Manchester; the running joke that he'd shun a glamorous location to host it at home actually turning out to be the reality. The boys won't mind, right? Who wants to go to Rome or France or LA..? 

Here's who's safe for now:

Ben Clark

Ben's rocky tone has given him the useful advantage of standing out from the crowd. Rita Ora was certainly captivated when he took to the stage and it seems radio DJ Nick Grimshaw thinks he's got a voice people want to hear more of.

Ché Chesterman

Ché appears to have absolutely no idea just how good he is, with co-host Olly Murs laughing that he'd love to hit some of the same notes as the X Factor hopeful. I bargain we'll be seeing a lot more of him.

Josh Daniel

Josh's opening audition was highly emotion, so it was nice to see him go a bit more uptempo for Boot Camp. The judges have been unanimous in their praise and the 21-year-old is now one step closer to those all important live shows.

Seann Miley Moore

There's no forgetting Seann Miley Moore. From his vocals to his outfits, the Aussie-born lad is doing things his way and has certainly got the judges excited for more.

Simon Lynch

Simon isn't afraid of challenge - taking on Beyoncé for his opening audition. His range and versatility certainly make him one to watch.

Mason Noise

After the departure of Tom Bleasby (who decided himself to leave) Mason Noise was granted a spot at Nick's Judges' Houses, despite his outburst during his Six Chair audition.

Those acts cut from Grimshaw's category are as follows: Brodie Kelly, Danny Sharples, Jamie Eldridge, Jordan Luke Gage, Martin Harich, Nathanael Landskroner, Ollie Marland, Papsidero and Tom Davies. Tom Bleasby departs. 


The X Factor continues next Sunday at 7:00pm on ITV


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