Bringing Mason Noise back to The X Factor is not “exciting” it’s just annoying

Nick Grimshaw says Mason is an artist who “knows who they are” - I've seen quite enough of who he is already, says Emma Daly

Nick Grimshaw has confirmed that “exciting” Mason Noise will be replacing Tom Bleasby at his Judges’ Houses – but frankly it’s more irritating than a reason to get the streamers out.


Tom revealed he was leaving the competition after Sunday night’s Six Chair Challenge, the same Six Chair Challenge that saw Mason branded an “arsehole” by Simon Cowell.

Mason decided that rather than letting his vocals do the talking, he’d use his second Wembley audition as a time to share his grievances about how little air time he’d had on the show, before doing a diva-esque mic drop and walking off the stage; Rita dubbing it the “Kanye effect”.

But sure, let’s keep him in the competition, that’ll be a hoot. Forget the other singers that Grimshaw pondered over, like Ollie Marland, who would actually have appreciated the platform the show could provide for his career, rather than obsessing over his fifteen minutes of easily forgettable fame. 

“People with an artistic temperament can be difficult,” explained Grimshaw. “He’s talented and in previous auditions excited us judges. Sometimes a challenge is interesting.”

“I appreciate the fact he understands what I am trying to achieve,” said Mason. “Challenge accepted!”

Forget what he’s trying to achieve, to me it just feels like the kid on the naughty step has been given ice-cream. With sprinkles. And a flake.

Sure, the drama, tension and controversy that comes along with Mason will get people watching – but sometimes you want to see justice as well as just ‘good TV’.


The X Factor continues Sunday at 7:00pm on ITV