John Lewis has finally unveiled its Christmas advert for 2023, and it's a good one, starring Snapper the Venus flytrap.


The advert shows a young boy called Alfie who wishes to grow the perfect Christmas tree (as we saw in the retailer's teaser) but instead grows a Venus flytrap which looks like one instead!

After nurturing the seed, Alfie soon discovers it isn't a Christmas tree at all, but a carnivorous plant - but he loves it anyway.

The advert follows the usual John Lewis montage format where Alfie and Snapper prepare for Christmas, with the latter donning a golden star.

While Alfie loves Snapper dearly, his family doesn't quite understand the appeal and asks him to ditch the tree, preferring the usual style.

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Alfie isn't very happy (of course he isn't, after all the work he's put in), and the sentiment of the advert comes from Snapper resting a little hand on the window glass while looking at his friend.

Who could resist after that? The family pour outside and put their presents under Snapper's feet.

A boy stands next to a Venus flytrap which is dressed as a Christmas tree in the John Lewis Christmas advert
John Lewis Christmas advert 2023: Meet Snapper

If that wasn't fun enough, the plant then shows he's got a trick up his sleeve - he can chew up packaging and spit out presents! We'll have two.

(In fact, head over to John Lewis right now where you can purchase your very own Snapper!)

This year's advert contains an operatic song, Festa (which translates as "party" in English), and is performed by none other than Andrea Bocelli.

The song was written just for this advert, so it's a special one indeed.

Charlotte Lock, Customer Director for John Lewis, said of the advert: “We are a nation that loves the traditions of Christmas - from classic traditions like pantos and putting up the tree to evolving new ones like crafting our own presents and Zoom get-togethers. Many of us have our own unique festive traditions and that makes them even more special.

“The film celebrates themes of family and evolving traditions and shows that a ‘perfect’ Christmas is finding joy together with loved ones, whatever your traditions.”

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