John Barrowman ‘won’t personally attack anyone’ on Dancing on Ice as he replaces Jason Gardiner as a judge

“I am going to be fair, critical, but I will speak to the truth"

John Barrowman DOI (Getty)

It’s all change for series 12 of Dancing on Ice, which for the first time sees a brand new launch show, a same-sex partnershipand a brand new judge.


Dancing on Ice’s resident Mr Nasty judge Jason Gardiner has bid farewell to the panel, with former contestant and I’m a Celebrity runner-up John Barrowman now joining Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean and Ashley Banjo for the latest series.

While Gardiner was known for his forthright (and often downright savage) commentary, famously bickering with Gemma Collins on the 2019 series, Barrowman has explained he will be a different sort of judge.

“I am going to be fair, critical, but I will speak to the truth,” he told “That doesn’t mean I’m going to personally attack anybody, because that’s what judging is for me. It’s not my style and what I’m about.”

However, that doesn’t mean Barrowman will be soft on our 2020 line-up either.

“I am going to be critical,” he continued. “If you call that nasty, then that’s up to you. I don’t see it as nasty, I see it as truthful. If someone is good they’re going to get praise, but if someone is s***, they’re going to get no praise.

“I know what the contestants are going through, so I know what to look for. In my career I’ve been involved in musical theatre and dance, so I do know what I’m talking about.

John Barrowman DOI (Getty)

“I’m going to try and motivate them to get better. I’m going to be qualified and I think I’m going to be pretty good.”

Even though this may be his first time on the Dancing on Ice panel, the former Doctor Who star believes he’s already fitted in with his fellow judges.

“Ashley and I have had a really good laugh as we have had a really naughty sense of humour,” he said.

“Jayne and I, we’re sitting right next to each other, we’re probably going to keep making each other laugh. Chris is the one who will be keeping us all in line. It’s a new launch and new beginning for the family. It’s like they’ve invited their naughty brother into the mix!”


Dancing on Ice launches Sunday 5th January on ITV