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This video of John Barrowman dancing around This Morning's studio is pure magic

The Doctor Who and I'm a Celeb star has been standing in for Philip Schofield

John Barrowman dances on This Morning, Twitter
Published: Saturday, 20th April 2019 at 11:33 am

John Barrowman has been standing in for Philip Schofield on This Morning this past fortnight and anyone who thought his high energy levels might be dampened by an early start is just plain wrong.


The Doctor Who star – who finished third in 2018's I'm a Celebrity – is clearly a morning person if the below video is anything to go by.

Barrowman is shown in the This Morning studio with co-host Rochelle Humes, recounting to viewers his decision to don a pair of high heels before the show went on air. But, being Barrowman, he did not simply totter about in his white stilettos – instead he took his new footwear as an opportunity to prance around the studio, cheered on by Humes.

The results? Pure magic.

Barrowman entertained the crew with routines to The Pointer Sisters' I'm So Excited, Olivia Newton-John's Let's Get Physical, Sinitta's So Macho and more, galloping across the studio, breakdancing, twerking – and even doing the splits...

Thankfully This Morning's Twitter account saw fit to share the footage with viewers, tweeting a montage of Barrowman's various performances.


"I'm going to start every show like that," quipped Humes as she bid farewell to her energetic co-host. Let's hope Barrowman is back on the sofa soon.


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