Joey Essex to interrogate politicians in Westminster

Apparently the former TOWIE star could be the next Jeremy Paxman with reemer hair and more Twitter followers…

Joey Essex’s ‘Educating Joey Essex’ TV series is taking him to the Houses of Parliament next, where he’s going to learn about politics so he can vote in the General Election.


Yes, the former TOWIE star who can’t blow his nose (because he never learnt the professional way) and can’t tell the time (because why wouldn’t you just look on your phone?) is going to be chatting to top politicians in Educating Joey Essex: General Election, what are you saying?!

It seems Essex’s aim is to discover what MPs really stand for and then decide who he’ll vote for in the general election. He’ll have a helping hand from political columnist and broadcaster Isabel Hardman, who will tutor him in government affairs. According to the show’s executive producer Mr Essex could be the “next Jeremy Paxman but with reemer hair and more twitter followers”. 

Essex himself says he wants the “most important people in the country” to help him make his decision for the first time he’ll vote. But why miss other very important opportunities? “I reckon I’ll take some pretty reem selfies too,” he added.

Let’s hope Essex also shares the secrets of his own success with the politicos. After all, his autobiography was packed with useful tips. He’s got some of the big words down: “Manifesto isn’t men having a party”. And he’s not about losing: “A reem person should always come at least first or second in a race. If you don’t, then don’t tell anyone because it doesn’t count in your collection of trophies.” What could possibly go wrong?

Educating Joey Essex: General Election, what are you saying?! will air on ITV next month


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