Following the news that ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show has been permanently cancelled after the death of a participant, many viewers have been asking what should replace it in the channel's 9:25am time slot.


With reruns of Dickinson’s Real Deal currently keeping the berth warm, Twitter user Rob Cooper suggested that perhaps Money Saving Expert founder, and regular This Morning guest, Martin Lewis should be given his own show.

“Educate the audience with real solutions for guests with financial problems,” Cooper said in a tweet. “Something where one on air example could help thousands of viewers.”

The idea gained traction, with almost 4,000 Twitter users ‘liking’ the idea of Lewis landing his own daytime programme in less than 24 hours.

But it seems that the man himself, while flattered by the suggestion, is less keen, taking to his own Twitter page to say he doesn't believe it's possible.

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“Thought I should say something as this seems to be getting a life of its own,” he wrote.

“Thanks to Rob for the suggestion. I couldn't do a daily show, and I doubt there's the material, but it is very kind so many have shown faith in the work I do that you've liked Rob's suggestion.”

Although he may not have his own dedicated daytime slot, Lewis regularly appears on Good Morning Britain and This Morning to share his savvy money saving tips.

He also has his own weekly Martin Lewis Money Show, which broadcasts on Monday at 8pm on ITV.

ITV confirmed that The Jeremy Kyle Show is to be cancelled permanently, pending a review.


However, the broadcaster said it would continue to work with Kyle on other projects in the future.