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Here's what's happened on X Factor if you watched the end of Strictly Come Dancing

We've got you covered as the shows overlap by twenty minutes

Published: Saturday, 24th October 2015 at 7:20 pm

X Factor has reached the Judges' Houses stage, but you may well have missed the first twenty minutes of tonight's show on ITV because you were watching the end of Strictly Come Dancing over on BBC1. 


It's tricky being an entertainment fan, isn't it?

So, if you were keeping an eye on the last Tango or two, here's what happened in the first twenty minutes of the X... 

A quick re-cap kicked us off, with clips from arenas through Boot Camp and that Six Chair Challenge. There were a fair few shots of people crying and saying they 'want this' (obvs) as we got a peek at the judges deliberating over who would go through to live shows.

It was our first look at this year's guest mentors - Meghan Trainor, Mark Ronson, Louis Tomlinson and Jess Glynne - as the judges did a whole lot of head-in-hands action, worrying about whose dreams they were about to crush. 

Then it was over to Fountain Studios in Wembley where Olly Murs and Caroline Flack were ready to kick off the live show (note: no attempt at the Dermot Dance). 

The acts were sat nervously on bleachers on the stage as the hosts introduced them all (notably Cheryl's Groups all with different names due to copyright issues). The judges were brought out individually to sit with their categories, rather than arriving through those sliding doors at the back as we're used to. Grimmers admitted he was quite ready to throw up before going on to once again justify why he'd brought back Mason Noise after the departure of Tom Bleasby (it's all about the excitement apparently). 

You can rest easy that Simon Cowell IS wearing an untucked and unbuttoned white shirt and black trousers (he ditches the jeans when it goes live, of course). Rather amusingly Caz Flack called him out for lying when he said he was very excited about his Overs category, given only this week he'd said he hasn't got the winner.

Cheryl revealed that at this point she's still yet to completely make her mind up on which three acts are going through, despite their auditions being done and dusted while on location in Rome. A second watch tonight might give her a different idea it seems. 

Footage then cut to pre-recorded content with Cheryl's Groups waiting to find out where they were travelling to for Judges' Houses. Thankfully for them it was gorgeous Rome and not a quick trip back to the cafe next door to Wembley Arena. The Groups got a bit of sightseeing in before finding out Glynne would be their guest mentor - rather glamorously flying in on a helicopter. 

Then it was straight onto the first audition with 4th Impact (formerly 4th Power) who sang Eminem and Rihanna's Love The Way You Lie. As they performed, a box in the right hand corner of the screen showed their live reaction from inside the studio. 

"I was choked, I got goosebumps," Cheryl said. 

"That was their last chance and they really used it," Glynne added. 

It was straight onto the next audition with Alien Uncovered (formerly Alien) who busted out the dance moves as well as vocals doing a cover of Usher's Bad Girl. 

The girls could be seen dancing along live from the studio as Glynne bopped along in Rome. Cheryl herself looked like she was all but ready to join in. 

"OK, get out of here bad girls," Cheryl joked adding, "aren't they amazing?!"

"You've got to be specific, who is going to sing lead," Glynne added. 

Wow, wow, wow, Flack and Murs said as footage returned to the live studio and then it was onto that old favourite, an ad break. 

And that's you all caught up!

Of course, if you did turn over for X Factor and want to know what went down in the final moments of the ballroom, we've got that covered, too


The X Factor continues tomorrow from 7:30pm on ITV


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