We all know there's a lot that goes on which viewers don't see when it comes to crafting the magic of TV, but now we've been given an exclusive peek behind the scenes of one of the nation's favourite shows - The Great British Bake Off.


Last year's winner Giuseppe, who currently has his own RadioTimes.com column reviewing each of the new episodes this season, has explained just how appearing on the show has changed his perspective when watching it.

Giuseppe said: "Once you've been on the site, it's like having a new perspective on what you see on TV. You know you’ve been there and feel physically how the site is laid out. So it's almost as if you recognise the spots, you recognise the angles and your brain builds up on the surroundings that others can't see.

"Because you know where things are, you know where the trophy is, you know where the camera is. It gives you a bit of a fuller experience by watching live because you've been there and you see things that are not shown in a way."

Giuseppe on the Great British Bake Off.
Giuseppe on the Great British Bake Off. Channel 4

Asked if there was anything audiences don't get to see that is a big part of the show behind the camera, Giuseppe said: "Yes, the sudden cleanliness on the benches from one segment to the other. And I mean, one of the things that never occurred to me as a viewer was the amount of work that goes on in the tent between, you know, wrapping up one bake and judging it."

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He explained: "Occasionally, there are hours in between them. Obviously you don't see that because it's all a straight, streamlined, and seamless progression to when the judges taste the bakes, but you don't even notice it as a viewer. You just follow the story as they tell it.

"But now that I've seen what happens behind closed doors, you spot the fact that one second the tent is a massive mess of cake disruption, with whipped cream in every corner, and the next second the beauty shot shows a pristine tent.

"In the meantime is that all the bakers have been kicked out, respectfully by the crew, and we sit on that sofa in the garden that you see in the background occasionally outside of the tent.

"So we sit there while a swarm of 30 Bake Off elves come over and make the place spotless, they preserve your cakes, moving them around and making sure that nothing is broken in the process. It’s like a clockwork mechanism behind closed doors that happens and they do it masterfully!"

Additional reporting by Grace Henry.

Giuseppe's Italian Bakes cover

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The Great British Bake Off airs on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 8pm. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub for the latest news.


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