After 10 exciting weeks, The Great British Bake Off final is here, with just three bakers left in the competition, and only one can be crowned the Ultimate Star Baker.


Last week saw Josh receive his second Star Baker title of the season after impressing the judges during Patisserie week.

Unfortunately for one baker, it was time to leave the Great British Bake Off 2023 line-up, with Tasha becoming the ninth contestant to be eliminated from the competition.

This week, the bakers will take on a series of challenges, and we'll see which lucky baker will be crowned the champion of the series!

So, what's on the menu this week?

Read on to find out what the contestants will be baking in The Final.

What is the Great British Bake Off 2023 theme this week?

Paul and Prue for The Great British Bake Off hugging each other, looking into camera
Paul and Prue for The Great British Bake Off. Love Productions/Channel 4/Mark Bourdillon Love Productions/Channel 4/Mark Bourdillon

Week 10 - The Final

What is the final Signature Challenge? A jaw-dropping choux pastry.

What is the final Technical Challenge? We're sworn to secrecy.

What is the final Showstopper Challenge? The ultimate celebration cake.

Week 9 - Patisserie Week

What is week nine's Signature Challenge? An elegant French patisserie.

What is week nine's Technical Challenge? A buttery classic.

What is week nine's Showstopper Challenge? An Italian celebration cake made of several layers of delicate puff pastry.

Week 8 - Party Week

What is week eight's Signature Challenge? A good old sausage roll.

What is week eight's Technical Challenge? A chocolate cake.

What is week eight's Showstopper Challenge? Anything but Beige-Buffet.

Week 7 - Dessert Week

What is week seven's Signature Challenge? A retro crème caramel signature.

What is week seven's Technical Challenge? A classic Treacle Sponge.

What is week seven's Showstopper Challenge? A show-stopping meringue bomb.

Week 6 - Botanical Week

What is week six's Signature Challenge? A spicy signature.

What is week six's Technical Challenge? A herby technical.

What is week six's Showstopper Challenge? A floral showstopper.

Week 5 - Pastry Week

What is week five's Signature Challenge? Savoury picnic pies.

What is week five's Technical Challenge?A dauphinoise potato and caramelised onion pithivier.

What is week five's Showstopper Challenge? A stunning decorative sweet pie Showstopper.

Week 4 - Chocolate Week

What is week four's Signature Challenge? Torte.

What is week four's Technical Challenge? Mini caramelised white chocolate cheese cakes

What is week four's Showstopper Challenge? A chocolate box.

Week 3 - Bread Week

What was week three's Signature Challenge? A classic cottage loaf.

What was week three's Technical Challenge? Eight perfectly consistent Devonshire split buns.

What was week three's Showstopper Challenge? A plaited piece that will make Paul proud.

Bake Off 2023 contestant Matty
Great British Bake Off 2023 contestant Matty. Love Productions/Channel 4/Mark Bourdillon Channel 4

Week 2 - Biscuit Week

The second week of Bake Off was Biscuit Week. The bakers had to create some truly delicious biscuits to wow the judges in the hopes of being named Star Baker in Week 2.

What was week two's Signature Challenge? 12 identical marshmallow biscuits.

What was week two's Technical Challenge? Custard Creams.

What was week two's Showstopper Challenge? Their favourite meal out of biscuits in an illusion-themed Showstopper.

Week 1 - Cake Week

The first week of Bake Off kicked off with Cake Week! The bakers needed to make their best first impression with the judges, and there was no better way to do that than by baking some truly delicious cakes.

What was week one's Signature Challenge? The perfect vertical layer cake.

What was week one's Technical Challenge? An iconic chocolate cake.

What was week one's Showstopper Challenge? A sponge showstopper with a menagerie of animals.

Great British Bake Off airs on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 8pm.

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