The Grand Tour shares first trailer for new special Carnage A Trois

Sacré bleu!

The Grand Tour Carnage a Trois

Alors! Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and “Captain Slow” himself James May will be hitting the road once more for their second The Grand Tour lockdown special – and this time, they’re heading to France! Well, sort of. The show was filmed in Wales and England, but the theme is French motors.


Amazon Prime Video has released the first official trailer for the special, Carnage A Trois, featuring all three former Top Gear presenters – in addition to explosions, car races, and dropping a vintage car from 500 ft in the air.

“France. We like their food, we like their wine – but, French cars can be a bit weird,” Clarkson says in the trailer’s voiceover. The tagline reads that the French special will boast “a certain… ‘Je Ne Sais Car'”.

The brand new special promises to “dive into the bizarre world of French car culture”, and serves as a follow-up to the trio’s Grand Tour Scotland special Lochdown.

The full synopsis reads: “In this second lockdown special, the trio dive into the bizarre world of French car culture. On an epic road trip starting in the Welsh hills, they dish up a hair-raising mountain climb, bomb defusals, propeller powered cars, helicopter stunts and the most thrilling race of their lives before reaching the English Channel for a jaw dropping medieval climax. And a soupcon of French art house cinema.”

Speaking to press including, Clarkson previously explained that the pandemic forced the trio to be on their “A-game” while filming the Grand Tour specials.

“Filming in COVID, I don’t know, it’s sort of forced us to be on our A-game really because the risk was so intense,” he said. “I mean, there may be 50 people in the crew, and we couldn’t just take 50 rooms in a hotel, we had to take over the whole hotel because this was the protocols that were given to us.

“We had to bring in our own catering staff, we had to have our own COVID testing people with us. We all had to be tested every day and if anybody failed, even any one person failed, then the whole ship had to be abandoned, which would have been financially ruinous, so it was a big team effort.”

The Grand Tour Presents: Carnage A Trois will launch Friday 17th December on Amazon Prime Video. 


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