Meet the cast of Fleabag season two

The second season stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Andrew Scott, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Fiona Shaw and Olivia Colman


Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s anti-heroine Fleabag is back for a second season, and although she’s swapped one-night stands for early morning squats in the park, some things haven’t changed.


The acclaimed series features a star-studded cast, including Oscar-winner Olivia Colman and newcomer Andrew Scott, best-known for playing Moriarty in BBC1’s Sherlock, who joins the cast as an unconventional priest. Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient) and Fiona Shaw (who worked with Waller-Bridge on Killing Eve) also guest-star in the series.

Read on to meet the cast of Fleabag season two….

Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays Fleabag

Fleabag series two, BBC Press Centre
Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays Fleabag

Who is Fleabag? The titular nameless ‘Fleabag’ of the series, she owns a now-thriving guinea-pig-themed cafe (after Hugh Dennis’ Bank Manager gave her a much-needed loan), and for the past year has been living a very mindful life, doing squats and burpees in parks, eating avocado on toast, and even abstaining from sex.

However, as season two begins our anti-heroine is still affected by the final events of season one, which saw her brother-in-law, Martin, attempt to kiss her at a party. When Fleabag told her sister Claire about it, she discovered that Martin had already lied and claimed that she, Fleabag, had attempted to kiss him, causing an estrangement between the two sisters.

Where have I seen Phoebe Waller-Bridge before? The writer and star of Fleabag, Waller-Bridge is also the creator of the hit television series Killing Eve, an adaptation of Luke Jennings’s Codename Villanelle starring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh.

She also starred as Abby in Broadchurch season two, alongside Fleabag co-star Olivia Colman, and played the droid L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Andrew Scott plays The Priest

Andrew Scott plays The Priest

Who is The Priest? Andrew Scott plays the Catholic priest tasked with marrying Fleabag’s Dad and Godmother — his first ever wedding, having come to the priesthood relatively late. A new character to the series, he’s highly unconventional and sweary, and enjoys a canned gin and tonic from M&S as much as the next man. His parents are also alcoholic lawyers.

Where have I seen Andrew Scott before? Scott is probably best-known for his playful-yet-highly-disturbing Moriarty (“I will burn the heart out of you!”) opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC1’s Sherlock. He’s also an accomplished stage actor, and was nominated for an Olivier for his Hamlet in 2017.

Scott also played Edgar in BBC2’s King Lear, and has appeared in various films including Pride and James Bond movie Spectre.

Olivia Colman plays Godmother

Olivia Colman plays Godmother

Who is Godmother? Godmother is an artist, and according to our anti-heroine, she’s also a “c**t”. Fleabag took great delight in stealing a golden statuette of a naked woman from her obnoxious, self-absorbed Godmother early on in season one (and it makes a cheeky cameo early on in season two…).

Godmother is also now engaged to Fleabag’s Dad, who struggles to get a word in edge-wise at the dinner table with Godmother around.

Where have I seen Olivia Colman before? National treasure turned Best Actress Oscar-winner (!), international viewers will recognise Olivia Colman for her turn as Queen Anne in The Favourite opposite Emma Stone, but British viewers will also recognise her for her various television roles, including Sophie in Peep Show and as DS Ellie Miller in Broadchurch opposite David Tennant.

Sian Clifford plays Claire

Sian Clifford plays Claire

Who is Claire?  Fleabag’s opposite in a myriad of respects, sister Claire is uptight, a martyr, and a pathological control-freak, even planning her own surprise party. She’s a corporate world success story — with a frankly huge office — and is married with a (creepy) step-son to Martin.

Since the events of season one, she’s been estranged form her sister, Fleabag, but as Dad and Godmother announce their engagement, the two sisters are thrown together again.

Where have I seen Sian Clifford before? Television actress and producer Clifford recently played the selfish, scheming Martha Crawley in ITV’s Vanity Fair, and has guested in various long-running series including Midsomer Murders.

Bill Paterson plays Dad

Bill Paterson plays Dad

Who is Dad? The father of Claire and Fleabag, Dad’s wife died of cancer and he’s since gone on to get engaged to his daughters’ godmother (Godmother, played by Olivia Colman). He’s bumbling and self-effacing — although he does know how to crack a sly joke or two — and doesn’t really know what to make of Fleabag’s life, and he still can’t seem to meet Fleabag’s eye when Godmother is around.

Where have I seen Bill Paterson before? Stage and screen actor recently played Mr Green in Inside No. 9 and Private Frazer in the remake of Dad’s Army. He’s also starred in various long-running shows including Shetland and Outlander, in which he played Ned Gowan.

He also starred in BBC1’s paranormal drama Sea of Souls between 2004 and 2007.

Brett Gelman plays Martin

Brett Gelman plays Martin

Who is Martin? In many ways, Fleabag’s drunk brother-in-law Martin bears more similarities to Fleabag than any of her immediate family, in that he takes any opportunity to turn a situation sexual or make an outré joke. (“He’s one of those men who is explosively sexually inappropriate with everyone but makes you feel bad if you take offense, because he was just being fun,” Fleabag says, unaware of the irony).

However, he’s also sinister and creepy, making a pass at Fleabag at the end of season one, before blaming the encounter on Fleabag in front of his wife and her sister, Claire.

Where have I seen Brett Gelman before? Comedian and actor Brett Gelman played the oddball investigative journalist in Stranger Things season two, (yep, the “how was the pull-out?” guy), and is known in the US for his roles as Brett Mobley in comedy-action series Eagleheart and as Mr. K on the NBC sitcom Go On.

Kristin Scott Thomas plays Belinda

Kristin Scott Thomas plays a businesswoman
Kristin Scott Thomas plays Belinda

Who is Belinda? The Four Weddings and a Funeral actress appears as Belinda, an award-winning lesbian businessman whose epic advice to Fleabag about female autonomy and the menopause opened our heroine’s eyes.

Where have I seen Kristin Scott Thomas before? Star of the Oscar-winning film The English Patient and Darkest Hour, opposite Gary Oldman’s Oscar-winning Winston Churchill, Scott Thomas also featured in the Comic Relief mini-sequel to Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Hugh Dennis plays Bank Manager

Hugh Dennis
Hugh Dennis plays the bank manager

Who is Bank Manager? The depressed man who, after initially rejecting Fleabag’s loan application in series one, returned in the finale scenes just as Fleabag was contemplating walking out into traffic and re-opened her loan application to save her café.

Where have I seen Hugh Dennis before? Dennis is best known for playing dad Pete in Outnumbered. He has also starred in Not Going Out, The Zoo and Ballot Monkeys and is a regular on the comedy panel show Mock the Week.

Ray Fearon plays Hot Mysoginist

Ray Fearon, Fleabag (BBC)
Ray Fearon plays Hot Misogynist

Who is Hot Misogynist? The randy lawyer who Fleabag hires to defend her against the assault case Martin is bringing against her.

Where have I seen Ray Fearon before? Fearon has appeared in Silent Witness, Snatch, Doctors, Coronation Street and EastEnders. He also starred as Père Robert in the 2017 movie Beauty and the Beast.

Christian Hillborg as Klare

Christian Hillborg, Fleabag (BBC)
Christian Hillborg plays Klare

Who is Klare? A businessman who has amazing chemistry with Fleabag’s sister Claire.

Where have I seen Christian Hillborg before? You might recognise the Swedish actor from his role as Erik in the Netflix series The Last Kingdom, apart from that Hillborg’s work has been mostly based in Sweden.

Angus Imrie plays Jake

Angus Imrie plays Jake
Angus Imrie plays Jake

Who is Jake? Jake is Claire’s very creepy teenage stepson, who has a habit of climbing into the bath with her. Early on in season two, Fleabag is left bewildered when Jake tells her that she should encourage Claire to leave his dad, Martin.

Where have I seen Angus Imrie before? The 24-year-old actor is set to play Prince Arthur in the upcoming seires The Spanish Princess and Young Merlin in the film The Kid Who Would Be King. He’s also appeared in Pond Life, The Hollow Crown and Father Brown.

Jenny Rainsford plays Boo

Jenny Rainsford plays Boo
Jenny Rainsford plays Boo

Who is Boo? Boo is Fleabag’s former best friend, who died prior to the events of the first season. We learnt in the last season’s finale that Fleabag slept with Boo’s boyfriend, resulting in Boo mistakenly dying by suicide, after she stepped into traffic with the aim of injuring herself and making her boyfriend feel guilty for cheating on her.

It seems that Boo never found out that it was actually Fleabag who slept with the boyfriend, but that may be something that’s addressed later on in this season.

Where have I seen Jenny Rainsford before? The stage and screen actress has appeared in a number of films, including About Time and The Favourite. She also played Charlene in Finding Joy.

Fiona Shaw plays the Counsellor

Fiona Shaw
Fiona Shaw plays the Counsellor

Who is The Counsellor? Spotted in the BBC3 trailer for Fleabag season two, Fleabag visits a counsellor recommended to her by her father. When Counsellor asks Fleabag why she thinks she’s in therapy, Fleabag says : “Because I spent most of my adult life using sex to deflect from the screaming void inside my empty heart.”


Where have I seen Fiona Shaw before? Stage and screen actress Shaw has worked with Waller-Bridge before, having played Carolyn Martens in Killing Eve. She’s also well-known for playing Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter film franchise, and recently starred opposite Ruth Wilson in Mrs Wilson, in which Shaw played Coleman.