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First Trump, now Sugar? Fired Apprentice candidate says Alan Sugar would be "amazing" as Prime Minister

Could Lord Sugar follow in American Apprentice host Donald Trump's footsteps and become leader of Britain?

Published: Thursday, 10th November 2016 at 9:01 pm

The election of Donald Trump, former host of The American Apprentice, to the US Presidency has had many in the UK wondering only one thing (except maybe how the world got to this point): will The Apprentice’s Lord Alan Sugar follow in Trump’s footsteps and become UK Prime Minister?


So with Trump’s win still fresh in our minds, we couldn’t resist asking a candidate from The Apprentice this year whether Prime Minister Sugar could be exactly what this country needs.

Her answer? An emphatic yes.

“I think Lord Sugar would be amazing as Prime Minister,” Rebecca Jeffery, who left the series in this week’s episode, told

“He’s a very clever, astute, balanced, fair man, and I think he would be absolutely NOTHING like Donald Trump.”

However, Rebecca was less sure whether Lord Sugar would actually go for the job one day.

“I don’t think he would go for it because he’s busy running his businesses,” she said. “But I think he would be amazing at it.

“Having just met him in those brief scenarios, he talked sense! He talks sense, he understands what’s going to work and he doesn’t suffer fools. He reminds me of my dad, who’s a very no-nonsense businessman.”

Speaking on Twitter (see above), Lord Sugar seemed to confirm Rebecca's assumption that he wouldn't seek the top job, saying there was "no chance" he'd run. But hey, stranger things have happened, in the last six months or so alone.

And if he does change his mind, after giving such good soundbites and character references it sounds like professional marketer Rebecca might have just talked herself into a position as Lord Sugar’s campaign manager.

Assuming, of course, that he wouldn’t just run another reality TV competition for that position...


The Apprentice airs on BBC1 on Thursdays at 9.00pm


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