The Apprentice’s Rebecca Jeffery on her sweary exit: I was amazed that the BBC used it!

The latest candidate to leave the BBC series had a brilliantly unusual summary of her time in the process


Tonight’s overnight selling task on The Apprentice was full of funny moments, from Lord Sugar’s surprising drugs joke to an impromptu Lionel Ritchie singalong in the back of a black cab.


However, the highlight for many will have been the unusual exit interview given by this week’s fired candidate Rebecca Jeffery, who succinctly summed up her time in the series as she was driven away in a black cab after Lord Sugar ejected her from the competition.

“At the end, I think I went, ‘Because I’m not a twat!’” she said. “I think that’s my downfall. Haven’t been enough of a twat.”

Undoubtedly, the quote will go down in history as an all-time great Apprentice exit – but according to Rebecca herself, it was quite a surprise to actually see it on the air.

“It was kind of just an off-the-cuff remark,” the design and marketing company owner tells

“The main thing I remember saying is, you know, ‘I’m sad to go, but I’m looking forward to running my business.’ And then I think I must have gone, ‘Maybe I wasn’t enough of a twat!’

“It amazed me that they used that. The BBC?!?”

Rebecca in the boardroom

However, while Rebecca says she “certainly didn’t plan to say that,” she also completely stands by her slightly colourful analysis.

“Of course I do!” she said. “Quite early on, I thought to myself ‘Do I have to be a twat to win the Apprentice?’

“In life, I’m not really one of those people who stabs anyone in the back, or is mean, or obnoxious. I’m quite friendly and approachable. So I kind of had this vision that I wasn’t going to be a twat, I was going to continue being exactly who I am, quite a friendly, chatty person.

 “A lot of people have different approaches,” she went on.

“My approach was to be exactly who I am, who is not particularly someone that is very argumentative, maybe I didn’t get my voice heard because of that. But I was done by the fact that – and I would say it to anyone in the process – I don’t think I was a twat!”

Rebecca with Paul and Frances in this week’s task

Still, Jeffery admits that she wasn’t entirely happy with her performance in the process over the last six weeks, adding that it was probably “fair enough” for Lord Sugar to fire her.

“Looking back at what’s happened so far on the series, I have lost every single task so far!” she admitted.

“And I’ve been in the boardroom twice already. I feel like I maybe hadn’t done anything amazing, in terms of having a stand-out moment I hadn’t really had one. So I think it was probably quite a fair firing.”

Not that she doesn’t wish she’d had another shot at victory, after Team Nebula rumbled to their sixth defeat in a row.

“They’ve had such good luck and we’ve had such bad luck,” she said. “It is pretty gutting. You do go on The Apprentice hoping to win at least one of those tasks, and get one treat. I didn’t get any!”

Oh well – at least her parting words were a treat for many, many others.


The Apprentice continues on BBC1 on Thursdays at 9.00pm