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First Dates has sparked a huge Twitter debate over whether women should split the bill

Mary was "absolutely fuming" at having to go Dutch

Published: Tuesday, 30th August 2016 at 8:45 am

You’ve been on a date. It was everything you had dreamed of and more. The conversation flowed, the wine was delicious and you managed not to get any spag bol on your forehead. Then the dreaded moment arrives: the paying of the bill.


Who pays? Him? Her? Or do you go Dutch?

It’s the age-old argument, and Twitter was embroiled in a fierce debate on the issue last night after a woman kicked up a fuss over splitting the bill on First Dates.

This is how it went down...

Brian and Mary went on a date.


Brian was overjoyed by what a “charming, nice lady” Mary was.

Then the bill came, £70.37.


Cue waitress with dreaded question: “Are you just doing half and half?”

Brian: “Yep.”



Mary is “absolutely fuming”:


Mary had never been on a date where she had to pay half the bill.

Mary: “Well, I thought Brian was very nice but, umm, I think really you should have offered to pay the bill.”

Brian: “Ooh... I think when you first meet somebody you should always go halves, but that’s my opinion.”

Mary: “That was a big no-no for me.”

And with that, she's off.


This was Twitter’s reaction:

Most people agreed with Brian...

And it’s not the first time this has happened in the First Dates restaurant. Last year, a Marilyn Monroe lookalike actually got up and walked out when she was asked to pay half the bill.


Looks like Brian got off lightly.


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