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Celebrity Big Brother: Twitter's love-hate relationship with Katie Hopkins

CBB's "wicked witch" has her fair share of detractors online...

Published: Thursday, 8th January 2015 at 7:19 am

Celebrity Big Brother started last night and the first contestant to be revealed was media personality and former Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins – who proved irresistibly unpopular.


Some predicted problems from the start, with Hopkins booed as she walked towards the house:

But they weren’t to know Katie Hopkins was actually (sort of) becoming Big Brother herself: taking the other contestants to task without them knowing it was her, and choosing two of them to stand for eviction. How long before she’s running Channel 5?

Perez Hilton, Corrie actor Ken Morley and model Chloe Goodman all got a tongue-lashing – but in the process, some worried for the voice of BB himself.

Some others were already looking for silver linings...

And some were looking forward to Katie being forced to be nice to the other candidates as her first “task”.

(But then again who can’t be nice about Cheggers?)

No matter what they feel about her, many won’t be able to stop watching Katie

And if you’re not one of those enjoying the chaos, Gary Lineker has some advice for you.


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