Celebrities are flying high in the first trailer for The Jump 2017

And landing with a nasty bump, as per


The first trailer for the 2017 series of Channel 4 reality series The Jump has arrived, and it shows the celebrities travelling through the air with CONSIDERABLY more grace than most managed last year.


Taking to the skies, contestants Spencer Matthews, Louis Smith, Vogue Williams, Jason Robinson, Lydia Bright and Josie Gibson soar through the skies with joyful abandon, only to be brought back to Earth with the sort of bump that has made the accident-prone series famous (thanks to an unhelpful owl voiced by actor Peter Serafinowicz, in this case).

The flying effect was achieved by filming the contestants (not including a few key figures such as Sir Bradley Wiggins and Gareth Thomas) on wires against a green screen, with the Alps footage filmed by drone camera, all backed by the stirring tones of Westlife’s Flying Without Wings – probably a talent a few of the celebs will wish they’d already developed once they start heading down the slopes.


The advert will begin airing on Channel 4 from tonight at just before 7pm, but for now we can still enjoy the sight of The Jump contestants actually managing to stay in the air. We could jump for joy.


The Jump will return to Channel 4 on the 5th February