“Abysmal”, “embarrassing”, “mind-numbingly bad”: Twitter was not impressed by Stars in Their Eyes

ITV swapped Matthew Kelly for Harry Hill – but should the original have ever been rebooted?

Ah, Stars in Their Eyes – an old ITV classic, beloved by many. So when the news came that the channel was rebooting Matthew Kelly’s celebrity makeover songfest, and fronting it with popular comedian Harry Hill, it seemed like a no-brainer. Surely a show with that kind of pedigree couldn’t help but be a success, right?



It’s safe to say the new show wasn’t too popular – some took issue with Hill’s style of presenting, others with the new structure of the show involving more skits. After a while, all this unhappiness led to some calling time on the series already.

Many others couldn’t help but be nostalgic for the days of previous host Matthew Kelly


And some even felt the need to get the authorities involved.