One of Us on BBC One is filled with secrets and lies, and there promises to be even more intrigue as the police arrive at the the isolated farm in the Scottish Highlands in episode two.


Juliet Stevenson, Joe Dempsie, Joanna Vanderham, Georgina Campbell and Laura Fraser are among the cast in the third of four episodes of this tense drama at 9pm on BBC One on Tuesday 6th September.

Here's our preview of the episode:

"The penultimate episode of this Highland noir thriller feels nicely claustrophobic, despite all of those wide-open spaces and that rugged moorland. But the two bereaved families at the heart of One of Us are being crushed by the terrible secrets that they must keep. Suddenly their lives have become very small, very sad and very fearful."

"Young couple Grace and Adam, murdered just weeks after their marriage, are to be buried. Adam’s sister Claire (Joanna Vanderham) watches their wedding video, now an unbearably poignant document of the last time everyone was happy. All around Claire there are lies and revelations, in her own family and in Grace’s. And there are yet more shocks that only add to the mystery of the killer’s motive. It’s all so over-heated, bordering on the preposterous – everyone has something to hide. But it’s thrilling." - Alison Graham

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