What time is Dark Angel on TV tonight?

Find out what time at what time Dark Angel, telling the true story of Mary Ann Cotton, airs on ITV


When is Dark Angel on TV?


The first episode of this two-part drama telling the story of Victoria murderer Mary Ann Cotton starts at 9pm on ITV tonight.

What is Dark Angel about?

Dark Angel dramatises the crimes of Mary Ann Cotton, often attributed as being Britain’s first female serial killer, in the first of two 90 minute episodes. In a starkly unpleasant rendering of 19th-century north-east England, we witness Cotton’s infamous spree of arsenic poisonings, with which she claimed up to 21 lives. Her husbands and children are murdered indiscriminately, in a bid for their life insurance payouts.

Who plays Mary Ann Cotton?

The lead character is played by Joanne Froggatt, best known for her role as lady’s maid Anna Bates from ITV’s Downtown Abbey.

Who was Mary Ann Cotton?

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