Thriller Vigil has returned for a second season on BBC One, with Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie’s detectives springing back into action to take on a new case.


While season 1 unfolded in the depths of the ocean on board a fictional submarine, season 2 takes place entirely above ground, with a new plot that looks at the world of drone warfare.

DCI Amy Silva (Jones) journeys to the fictional Middle Eastern country Wudyat, while DI Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) remains in Scotland.

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So, where is Vigil filmed? Read on to find out where the cast and crew pitched up for season 2.

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Vigil season 2: Where is it filmed?

Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) in Vigil wearing a black suit, walking past soldiers
Suranne Jones as Amy Silva in Vigil season 2. BBC / World Productions

The Scotland-based scenes were filmed in Glasgow.

"It's been great [shooting in my home country]," said Dougray Scott, who plays Marcus Grainger, an air marshal who is overseeing the military exercise when all hell breaks loose.

"I've loved filming in Glasgow. I spend a lot of time in Scotland and I love being here. The crews have been fantastic."

Speaking about his character, Scott said: "Grainger is a pragmatist and very geopolitically aware, so he sees the intricacies of selling arms to countries in precarious positions in the world."

He went on to describe Grainger's dynamic with Amy: "Their relationship is testing, to say the least. Grainger sees Amy as someone who, of course, has a job to do, so he respects and admires that, while also being quite annoyed at her relentless investigations."

For the Wudyan scenes, filming took place in north Africa.

"I filmed most of my scenes in Morocco," said Romola Garai, who plays acting squadron leader Eliza Russell.

"We were in Casablanca and then Rabat, so there's a completely different aesthetic to the first series. We've got these vast desert landscapes of openness and heat haze, people disappearing into a massive horizon rather than being locked up in a tiny submarine, as we saw in series one.

"It's a totally different experience for the viewer as we explore a different world within the military."

Amy Silva standing next to Eliza Russell, who is dressed in military uniform, both looking off camera
Suranne Jones as Amy Silva and Romola Garai as Eliza Russell in Vigil season 2. BBC / World Productions / Jamie Simpson

As the investigation progresses, Kirsten remains in Scotland while Amy, who went on board the submarine in season 1, heads over to Wudyan.

"We see the two of them continue their dual investigations thousands of miles apart to try to solve the mystery of the original attack," said Leslie.

But will they succeed?

Vigil season 2 began on Sunday 10th December on BBC One at 9pm. Vigil season 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide and Streaming Guide. Visit our Drama hub for all the latest news.


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