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Victoria fans say Lord M's death was the most heartbreaking moment of series 2

Rufus Sewell's character's demise broke the nation's hearts but a certain Edward Drummond wasn't far behind

Rufus Sewell returns as Lord M in Victoria
Published: Tuesday, 17th October 2017 at 2:56 pm

Victoria series two was jam packed with emotionally charged scenes that left fans reaching for the tissues but it was Lord Melbourne's (Rufus Sewell) demise that broke the most hearts across the nation.


The former Prime Minister's surprise return to the series was the cause for much celebration, but joy quickly turned to despair as his death was depicted in episodes two and three of Daisy Goodwin's ITV drama.

The once-imposing Lord M appeared to become increasingly frail as he counselled the queen. His death - though not depicted on screen - was almost too much for fans to handle.

Lord M

36.2 per cent of readers polled said Lord M's decline was the most heartbreaking moment of series two, but hot on his heels was a new favourite - Sir Robert Peel's private secretary Edward Drummond (Leo Suter).

His tragic murder in the series finale was voted the second most heartbreaking moment of the series, with 36.1% of the vote. That's not surprising, given the fact that fans wholeheartedly embraced Drummond's developing relationship with Lord Alfred Paget (Jordan Waller) and probably thought the pair would be waltzing off into the sunset when Drummond called his engagement off.

Leo Suter Drummond Victoria S2

Sadly history had to intervene and the fictional Drummond met the same sad end as his real-life counterpart.

Another death claimed the third spot in the poll - that of Victoria's beloved dog, Dash. The passing of the queen's four-legged friend took the young queen by surprise and utterly broke the hearts of TV fans.

The Irish Potato Famine - which stirred up much emotion and outrage when the episode focussing on the topic aired - claimed the fourth spot.

And finally, Prince Ernst's (David Oakes) syphilis diagnosis, which hampered his chances of finding a happily ever after with Harriet Sutherland (Margaret Clunie), took the fifth and final place.


Victoria returns to ITV for a Christmas special in December 2017


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