Victoria viewers were in floods of tears after the finale’s unexpected death

The historical drama never fails to tug on heartstrings


The finale of Victoria series two left viewers heartbroken after a beloved character was killed off.


*Spoilers for Victoria season 2 to follow*

Edward Drummond, sidekick to Prime Minister Robert Peel, whose blossoming love affair with Lord Alfred Paget had captured many fans’ hearts, was shot and killed after heroically stepping in front of a bullet destined for the PM.

His tragic death was particularly upsetting for many fans who had been elated to see Drummond and Paget share a passionate kiss on last week’s episode. Check out some outpourings of grief on Twitter below.


While Drummond was indeed shot, it didn’t quite go down as depicted in ITV’s Victoria. Find out the full story – and actor Leo Suter’s views on his Victoria departure – here.