*Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Crowded Room episodes 1-9*


The ninth episode of The Crowded Room ended in devastating scenes for Tom Holland's Danny, setting up next week's finale on Apple TV+.

The new episode, titled Family, delved deep into Danny's relationship with his mother Candy, continuing to enlighten us as to Danny's past.

The pressure continues to mount up for Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried) and Danny's lawyer Stan Camisa (Christopher Abbott), as Danny could either face a bleak future in prison or getting the fusion therapy he needs in a care facility.

The Crowded Room continues to shine a light on Danny's mental illness, while also demonstrating attitudes to psychology in the '70s.

As well as stark revelations coming to light as we learn the truth of Danny's actions, the series has also featured impressive performances from Holland in a range of roles, drawing both empathy and intrigue from viewers.

The 10-parter comes from Academy Award winner Akiva Goldsman, known for his work on A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code and more, so we can certainly expect the twists and turns to keep coming in the finale. But how will things come to an end for our protagonist? We'll find out soon...

So when does the tenth and final episode of the series land on Apple TV+? Read on for everything you need to know about the release schedule for The Crowded Room.

When is episode 10 of The Crowded Room released on Apple TV+?

After premiering with three episodes, as is often the case with Apple TV+ dramas, The Crowded Room has resumed weekly episodic releases, with one instalment being released each Friday.

That means that episode 10 will land on Apple TV+ on Friday 28th July 2023.

The Crowded Room release schedule

The Crowded Room on Apple TV+
The Crowded Room on Apple TV+. Apple TV+

The full release schedule for The Crowded Room is below. While the first three episodes of the series were released on Apple TV+ at once, the rest of the episodes will be released individually over the coming weeks.

  • Episode 1 - Exodus - Friday 9th June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 2 - Sanctuary - Friday 9th June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 3 - Murder - Friday 9th June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 4 - London - Friday 16th June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 5 - Savior - Friday 23rd June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 6 - Rya - Friday 30th June 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 7 - The Crowded Room - Friday 7th July 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 8 - Reunion - Friday 14th July 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 9 - Family - Friday 21st July 2023 (out now)
  • Episode 10 - Judgment - Friday 28th July 2023

How many episodes of The Crowded Room are there?

Amanda Seyfried and Tom Holland in The Crowded Room - Apple TV+
Amanda Seyfried and Tom Holland in The Crowded Room - Apple TV+. Apple TV+

There are ten episodes in The Crowded Room season 1, with the series set to conclude on Friday 28th July 2023.

The limited series is sure to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, with each episode totalling to roughly one hour in length. The series explores the case of Danny Sullivan (played by Tom Holland) who has been arrested for a shooting in New York City in 1979. The drama is told through a series of interview with Rya, the interrogator, and also through flashbacks to Danny's past to try to piece together how he got himself caught up in this crime.

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It's a role that Holland has admitted has been transformative for him, saying: "In my career, I've always felt like I've been very good at leaving work at work, and for the first time with The Crowded Room it really did start bleeding into my personal life.

"And I think a large reason for that is when you make a film, it only takes four months, and that would be considered a long film. But The Crowded Room, it’s 10 months of playing this character, day in and day out. I really did find myself kind of morphing with him in certain moments. And obviously I had that crazy hairstyle."

The Crowded Room trailer

The first trailer for The Crowded Room debuted to a hoard of viewers, with the total viewing figure nearly at 4 million. It gives an insight into the chilling and perplexing world of Danny Sullivan, who people believe is guilty, and who could very well be hiding more than he's letting on.

Watch the trailer below.

New episodes of The Crowded Room will be released on Apple TV+ weekly. Start your seven-day Apple TV+ free trial.

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