Supernatural star says 15th season might not be the end

Dean Winchester actor Jensen Ackles says he doesn't think the drama "is ever going to be over"

Supernatural cast (Getty)

Supernatural is set to end after a massive 15 seasons. However, according to one of the drama’s stars, this might not be the very last we see of the Winchester brothers.


“It’s a long journey that I don’t think is ever going to be over,” said Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester in the show, at a recent Television Critics Association panel (via Deadline).

Later clarifying his comments, Ackles explained: “I’m not ready to close doors or burn bridges — that would be foolish. Is something in the works? No. Am I open to having a conversation in the future? Why not?”

Despite Ackles showing enthusiasm for another series in the future, Mark Pedowitz, head of broadcaster The CW, has ruled out a new Supernatural spin-off. “The show’s essence and blood are Jared [Padalecki, who plays Sam] and Jensen [Ackles],” Pedowitz said during the presentation, before stating no further spinoffs are currently in discussion.


Whether or not Ackles gets his wish and Supernatural returns in the distant future, we can be sure fans will enjoy one more season of the show, set to hit US screens on 10th October and the UK’s on a yet-to-be-unveiled date, likely in Spring 2020.