With only one episode of Succession season 4 left to go, all eyes are firmly on who will be revealed as the 'winner' of the series and eventual successor to Waystar Royco.

Following Logan Roy's (Brian Cox) shock death earlier in the season, there's never been more pressure on the title of the show – who will succeed the imitable patriarch?

There's been plenty of twists, backstabbing, tension and tears but the question remains: who will 'win' Succession?

According to Shiv Roy star Sarah Snook, the finale has plenty of surprises in store and may actually end on an "ambiguous" note, meaning that nobody may succeed Logan. Or perhaps, a stronger alliance could be formed with a combination of characters.

Whatever your thoughts, we want to know in the poll below.

It's safe to say that fans are waiting with bated breath to see just how the fourth and final season of the hit HBO drama will wrap up, especially after the rollercoaster penultimate funeral episode that saw Kieran Culkin's Roman break down in floods of tears, a tragic family secret of Logan's be revealed and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) stepping up to read Roman's pre-planned eulogy.

Could Kendall's position in episode 9 signal something to come for the finale? Perhaps. Or as Strong describes it himself, it could very well be a Game of Thrones "Dracarys" moment.

While we've recently seen brothers Kendall and Roman form an alliance as CEOs, it has come under some strain following their controversial coverage of the presidential election and now, with Roman displaying more vulnerability than ever, will Kendall strike while the iron is hot?

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If the finale trailer is anything to go by, it's set to be a vicious and exciting anticipated final episode with Shiv seemingly in the camp of Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård), who also could very well be the successor of the company. But the trailer also gives fans hope of a Shiv and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) reconciliation, which could be one of very few joyful developments in the final moments of the series.

As for who will become CEO, all bets are off as the days roll round to the 10th and final episode of the series. Do you think it could be one of the Roy siblings? Or could it be lackadaisical Greg?

But as for whether anyone really 'wins' in the series, that's also a question that remains open-ended, with the future of Waystar Royco seeming different no matter who steps up to the plate. Or maybe, just maybe, the company will end in total destruction meaning that nobody 'wins'.

If there's one thing this series knows how to do, it's throw curveballs at us all – so bear that in mind when casting your vote.

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