Silent Witness cast and fans share the love as show celebrates its 200th episode

The BBC crime procedural hit a major landmark on Tuesday night

Programme Name: Silent Witness XXII - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 6) - Picture Shows:  Matt Garcia (MICHAEL LANDES), Dr Nikki Alexander (EMILIA FOX) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Sally Mais

BBC forensics drama Silent Witness hit a major landmark on Tuesday night with its 200th episode, and cast-members Emilia Fox and Liz Carr have been sharing the love on social media alongside their adoring fanbase.


The eighth episode of the 22nd series saw the team trying to solve a conflict between the Walsh family and a Northern Irish terror group who sought revenge upon them. It was a fittingly intense episode to ring in the bicentennial, which ended with a bomb explosion that momentarily had the audience convinced that a mother and her young children had died in the blast.

The show’s star Liz Carr took to Twitter to wish the series a “happy 200th show birthday”, along with a clip of her and her co-stars Emilia Fox, Sam Womack and co singing happy birthday.

And many fans took the opportunity to sing the show’s praises and thank the cast and crew for consistently keeping them on the edge of their seat for all these years and making “the beginning of the weeks bearable”.

“Best procedural show on TV,” Kathy Clarke-Cook wrote on Twitter. “Every scene… episode… gets you hooked! Terrific ensemble cast… the chemistry is just right.”

Annabel Gibbons added: “Silent Witness last night was so good! Congrats on the 200th ep!! Amazing performance from David Caves and I loved that he got more screen time this week. Looking forward to the finale.”

“Happy 200th show birthday Tweepsters, a night to remember,” @CrochetbyJan wrote. “Absolutely love Silent Witness. Always seem to be on the edge of my seat when it’s on though!”

Check out some of the best tributes to the show below.

Silent Witness continues next Monday at 9pm on BBC1


This article was originally published on 30 January 2019