Shetland season 6 release date: BBC drama airdate and latest news

Douglas Henshall will reprise his lead role as Jimmy Perez for further investigations.

Douglas Henshall in Shetland on BBC One

The long wait for Shetland season six is finally coming to an end, with recent confirmation that the long-delayed shoot will go ahead in Spring 2021.


Series star Douglas Henshall (who plays Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez) confirmed on Twitter that filming would be getting underway sooner than fans expected.

“We start principal photography on the 22nd of March and head to Shetland for almost all of April. I can’t wait to get going,” he wrote, before adding: “Our COVID protocols are 36 pages long. Every one of us will be tested before we start and then tested twice a week when we are in Glasgow and three times a week on Shetland. We’ll be taking our own mobile testing unit to the isles so that we don’t distract the NHS there.”

It’s been a long wait for fans of Shetland, with series six facing COVID-related delays. However, it seems like the BBC One crime drama is on track to air later this year.

Speaking to BBC Radio Shetland, the show’s producer Louise Say previously said that filming will resume under “very strict guidelines” in April and that all cast and crew will be tested before leaving the mainland.

With both series six and seven expected to be filmed back-to-back in the next few months, there’s a lot to look forward to when Jimmy Perez returns to the BBC.

Here’s everything we know so far about Shetland series six.

When is series 6 of Shetland on BBC One?

Shetland season six goes into principal photography from March 2021, meaning we can probably expect the show to air later in 2021.

Shetland was originally supposed to return to our screens in 2020; filming was scheduled for March last year, with the seventh series set to film in 2021.

In December 2019, BBC Drama Scotland’s Commissioning Editor Gaynor Holmes said the show’s viewers were set for “an unmissable series from David Kane when it returns next year.” Meanwhile, Douglas Henshall tweeted: “Oh did I forget to mention… #Shetland we start filming in March.”

However, for obvious reasons, filming did not start in March 2020.

In September 2020, Henshall tweeted that filming on series six would begin in February and it looks as though the production team have roughly stuck to schedule, with The Shetland Times spotting a crew in the area preparing for filming this week (17th February 2021).

According to the publication, filming for series six and seven would be shot back-to-back.

Filming on the show will take place under strict COVID-19 guidelines, with producer Louise Say telling BBC Radio Shetland: “When we come to Shetland to film in April, we will test all our cast and crew before we leave the mainland.”

“In our travels to Shetland we will be wearing PPE, we will be hand sanitising. Once we arrive in Shetland there will be regular testing again throughout the whole shoot.”

How many other series of Shetland will there be?

The BBC has confirmed Shetland’s renewal for series six and seven, but nothing has been said about the show’s future beyond that point yet.

Ann Cleeves, the author of the books on which Shetland is based, said in March last year that the eighth Shetland book, Wild Fire, would be the series’ last.

Who is in the cast of Shetland series 6?

Douglas Henshall is returning to the sixth series of Shetland as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez, alongside Alison O’Donnell as DS Alison ‘Tosh’ Macintosh.

Where is Shetland filmed?

The series is shot in the archipelago Shetland Islands, as well as other locations in mainland Scotland. The cast and crew are usually based in Glasgow. Shetland’s filming locations are a big part of the drama’s appeal.

What happened in Shetland series 5?

The drama’s fifth series saw Perez investigate the murder of young Nigerian man Daniel and the disappearance of his sister Zezi after a severed hand washed up on Shetland beach.

Perez began to suspect that a human trafficking gang on the island was responsible for killing Daniel and kidnapping Zezi. His main suspects – the Hayes family – were shortly afterwards found murdered in their home, with only one surviving family member left for dead.

Shetland - Jimmy perez's house

Perez went to find Aaron McGuire in Glasgow, who he believed was a crucial figure in the gang. During this time, suspect Callum committed suicide under DC Sandy Wilson’s custody.

Perez soon realised that Alice, the new woman in Shetland that he had fallen in love with during the series, was behind the trafficking ring on the island after McGuire was informed of the police’s attempt to lure him out of the shadows. It is then discovered that Alice’s husband Chris had accrued debts which meant he was blackmailed into people trafficking and Zezi is found in a cottage on Unst that Chris was renovating.


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