Sherlock series 1 to 3 limited edition collector’s DVD available for 3,000 fans

The Sherlock DVD and Blu Ray box set includes secret compartments, behind-the-scenes footage and an episode script from the first series

Sherlock series 1 to 3 is being released as a limited edition collector’s box set on January 27 2014 – and there are only 3,000 up for grabs.


The individually numbered copies (exclusive to the BBC shop) are available on DVD (£62.99) or Blu Ray (£64.99) to pre-order now and include secret compartments which hide the disks, an episode script from series one written by co-creator Steven Moffat, a letter to the fans from one of the characters (fingers crossed it’s Sherlock, eh?) as well as a Sherlock-themed black notepad.

There’s also behind-the-scenes footage from filming with Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and the gang on the third series, while the iconic Sherlock wallpaper adorns the inside of the casing.

Sherlock returns with series 3 on New Year’s Day 2014 as well as a mini episode via the BBC red button on Christmas Day

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