Sheridan Smith leads the cast of upcoming Paramount Plus original The Castaways, with a slew of first look images giving viewers a hint of what the mystery thriller has in store.


Based on the novel by Lucy Clarke, the story follows sisters Lori (Smith) and Erin Holme (Celine Buckens), whose holiday of a lifetime swiftly turns into a nightmare.

Their island-hopping plans go awry after a major argument, resulting in Lori boarding a flight to Fiji on her own, which terrifyingly never arrives at its destination.

Months later, with authorities still clueless as to the fate of the passengers, Erin is shocked to be alerted that Lori's credit card has been used – with CCTV footage revealing the user is the doomed flight's pilot, Mike Brasse (Brendan Cowell).

Lori Holme (Sheridan Smith) examines a crashed aircraft
Sheridan Smith as Lori Holme in The Castaways. Paramount Plus

It compels Erin to go searching for answers, with her story played parallel alongside Lori's desperate fight for survival.

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Smith said: “I’m so excited to be working with Céline Buckens and to be part of this amazing production bringing Lucy Clarke’s best-selling novel to life.”

Erin Holme (Celine Buckens) looks confrontingly at someone behind her
Celine Buckens as Erin Holme in The Castaways. Paramount Plus

Céline Buckens added: “I’m really thrilled to bring Erin to life - she’s a firecracker and the scripts bring layers and darkness to such an arresting premise. I hope audiences will be as hooked watching it as I was reading it.”

The actor is known for earlier roles in Netflix's Free Rein, BBC One's Showtrial and relationship drama The Ex-Wife, which also streamed on Paramount Plus.

The series promises plenty of jaw-dropping twists as Erin gets closer to finding the truth, with one individual willing to kill to keep what happened on the deserted island under wraps.

A man in a pilot uniform stumbles through shrubbery
Brendan Cowell as Mike Brasse in The Castaways. Paramount Plus

Cowell, who plays suspicious pilot Mike Brasse, was seen last year in James Cameron's mega-blockbuster Avatar: The Way of Water, which ultimately became the highest-grossing film of 2022.

A man wearing a shirt stands in the sea, with the water coming up to his waist
Dominic Tighe as Daniel Eldridge in The Castaways. Paramount Plus

Also starring in The Castaways is Dominic Tighe (Hotel Portofino) as fellow stranded passenger Daniel Eldridge, who can be seen above at a seemingly pivotal point in the story – with blood dripping down his face.

Rounding out the main cast is Australian actor Lasarus Ratuere (The Tourist), who plays Felix Vatuba, and can be seen below wielding a harpoon as the survivors look out upon the ocean.

Four people stand on a beach staring out into the ocean, with the closest figure holding a rifle
(L-R) Lasarus Ratuere as Felix Vatubua, Brendan Cowell as Mike Brasse, Dominic Tighe as Daniel Eldridge, Sheridan Smith as Lori Holme in The Castaways. Paramount Plus

This is the second of Clarke's tropical thrillers to be adapted by Paramount Plus, with the suspenseful No Escape launching earlier this year and unravelling a missing persons case off the coast of The Philippines.

The Castaways will be available exclusively on Paramount Plus later this year. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.

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