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Mark Gatiss posts first picture of Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock set – but is he wearing a wig?

The actor is back on the set of Sherlock series four, but there's something a little Strange about him...

Published: Tuesday, 12th April 2016 at 7:54 am

Benedict Cumberbatch is #221Back again – and Mark Gatiss has the Sherlock series four set photo to prove it.


The first snap of the Sherlock star is typically enigmatic, showing only the back of Cumberbatch's head. Sherlock is staring out of the window, jacket collar up, wisps of hair curling over his ears...

And here's where the mystery begins. Is it Cumberbatch's real hair this time?

A bit of background: Cumberbatch wore a wig for the modern scenes in Christmas special The Abominable Bride, and now fans are worried they can't tell whether Sherlock's locks are real or not.

Hair and make-up artist Claire Pritchard is enjoying the debate immensely – but isn't giving away any clues.

Meanwhile, other fans think there's something a little Strange about Cumberbatch's return.


New Marvel movie Doctor Strange is set to be released in October, with Sherlock series four expected to return to BBC1 in January 2017.


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