Jodie Whittaker has booked her next big drama series following her dramatic departure from Doctor Who last year.


Paramount Plus drama One Night should provide a major change of pace for the acclaimed actor, seeing her shift back into the kind of hard-hitting drama that made her a household name.

The show follows three women named Simone (Nicole da Silva), Hat (Yael Stone) and Tess (Whittaker), whose friendship was destroyed by a traumatic event that took place 20 years ago.

In the present, Simone is finally achieving her long-held dream of becoming an author, but the story of her first novel is directly inspired by what happened to her and her estranged friends that fateful night.

As the book becomes a breakout success, Hat and Tess are understandably shocked to see Simone capitalising on an incident that has haunted them for decades.

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The synopsis reads: "As it becomes harder to prise fact from fiction, one person’s memory and story from another’s, the book threatens to derail all their friendships, bringing old traumas to the surface of the small coastal community where they grew up, and stirring its perpetrators, who want to make it all go away."

One Night is a six-part drama series which is being filmed across New South Wales, Australia, from the state capital of Sydney to the coastal region of Illawarra.

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Sophia Mogford, executive producer of drama and comedy at Paramount ANZ said: “One Night is a fantastic drama, and such a timely, yet timeless story set against the dramatic backdrop of the New South Wales coastline, and brought to life by a great cast of international and local actors.

"It’s a production we are thrilled to be able to champion."

George Mason (The Power of the Dog), Erroll Shand (Underbelly: Land of the Long Green Cloud), Noni Hazlehurst (A Place To Call Home), Tina Bursill (Doctor Doctor), Damien Strouthos (The Twelve) and Jillian Nguyen (Barons) also star.

Simon Maxwell, executive producer at Motive Pictures, added: “One Night showcases Emily Ballou's extraordinary gifts as a writer, interweaving beautifully-observed character writing, compulsive storytelling and insights into its very relevant themes.

"It’s no wonder that her scripts have attracted such a stellar cast including Jodie Whittaker, Nicole da Silva and Yael Stone."

One Night is coming to Paramount Plus in the future - get a seven-day free trial of Paramount Plus on Amazon Prime Video.

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