New Sky comedy I Hate Suzie is built around the one and only Billie Piper, who stars as Suzie Pickles – in a tightly-written, funny, and brilliantly well-acted show that gets a four star review from us. (Follow the link to read our I Hate Suzie review.)


However, the drama's small, compact cast also features some familiar faces. Here are the characters you'll see on screen, and the actors who play them:

Billie Piper plays Suzie Pickles

I Hate Suzie

Who is Suzie Pickles? As a teenager, Suzie Pickles shot to fame after singing in a TV talent contest; she became even more of a star after playing Captain Brea in the popular sci-fi series Quo Vardis. But for the last dozen years, the roles she's been getting have been somewhat less high-profile – which makes it dizzyingly exciting when she hears she's won a huge role in a Disney movie.

However, before the news has even been announced, Suzie's world is shattered. Intimate pictures of her in a "compromising position" have been stolen in a phone hack and released online, with massive implications for her acting career and for her marriage to husband Cob.

What else has Billie Piper been in? The Olivier Award-winning actress is probably best known for playing Belle in Secret Diary of a Call Girl (also by I Hate Suzie's writer Lucy Prebble), and for playing Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. Other notable roles have included Karen in the TV series Collateral, Lily in Penny Dreadful, and Fanny Price in Mansfield Park.

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Leila Farzad plays Naomi Jones

Leila Farzad plays Naomi in I Hate Suzie

Who is Naomi? Suzie's best friend and manager. She has known Suzie since childhood and has stuck with her through thick and thin, even though Suzie can sometimes be difficult and self-absorbed.

What else has Leila Farzad been in? Leila Farzad has appeared in Lee Ingleby drama Innocent, Cuffs, and Peppa Pig (as Mummy Cat).

Daniel Ings plays Cob Betterton

Daniel Ings in I Hate Suzie

Who is Cob? Suzie's husband. He lives with her and their son Frank in a beautiful, low-ceilinged cottage in a countryside village. Cob and Suzie seem like a profound mismatch, and he clearly harbours some deep resentments. And he is not best pleased when photos are leaked of his wife with another man – to put it mildly.

What else has Daniel Ings been in? He's had quite a few high-profile roles in recent years! Daniel Ings played Prince Philip's philandering friend Mike Parker in The Crown, Luke in Lovesick, Matt Taverner in W1A, Francis in The English Game, and David Gilkes in the Black Mirror episode Smithereens. Other credits include Psychoville, Mount Pleasant, and Sex Education.

Dexter Fletcher plays Benjamin Detroit

Dexter Fletcher plays Benjamin Detroit in I Hate Suzie

Who is Ben Detroit? A once-famous actor who Suzie meets at Comic Con. He lives a wild, cocaine-fuelled lifestyle, and clearly has a lot of skeletons in his closet.

What else has Dexter Fletcher been in? The actor and director has starred in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Hotel Babylon, Band of Brothers (as John W Martin), and Press Gang. As a director, his credits include Rocketman and Eddie the Eagle.

Luke Franks as Raptor

I Hate Suzie

Who is Raptor? The interviewer at Comic Con, where Billie Piper appears on the main stage to discuss Quo Vardis.

What else has Luke Franks been in? The TV host's credits include Cereal Time, Pet School, Scrambed!, and Confetti.

Matthew Jordan-Caws plays Frank

Who is Frank? Cob and Suzie's young son. He is deaf, and communicates via sign language.

What else has Matthew Jordan-Caws been in? This is his first TV appearance.


All episodes of I Hate Suzie will arrive on Sky and NOW TV on 27th August 2020. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide.