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How, when and why is Danny John-Jules leaving Death in Paradise?

Officer Dwayne Myers is stepping down from the Saint Marie police force

Death in Paradise - Danny John-Jules as Dwayne
Published: Friday, 3rd May 2019 at 6:14 am

Saint Marie's police station is going to be a lot quieter – because Officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) has handed in his badge.


After seven years and 62 murders successfully solved, one of the last remaining original Death in Paradise cast members is leaving the show.

Here's what you need to know...

Will Officer Dwayne Myers be killed off? 

You can't blame us for worrying about Dwayne's safety, because Death in Paradise often has people murdered in spectacular style. As you'll recall, one previous Detective Inspector was famously murdered with an ice pick, and another was shot. Saint Marie is a dangerous place.

But like Kris Marshall's DI Humphrey Goodman, Dwayne will be able to escape in one piece: he won't be killed off as part of his exit.

Death in Paradise - Dwayne and Elize

Will Dwayne appear at all in series eight?

Sadly, no. Officer Dwayne Myers won't appear on-screen, but his absence will be explained and referenced. In fact, he plays a crucial part in a major misunderstanding in episode one...

How will Dwayne leave Death in Paradise?

Remember Dwayne's long-lost dad Nelson Myers (Ram John Holder), who played a major role in series seven? Estranged father Nelson came over from London to build a new relationship with Dwayne, but it wasn't all smooth sailing – literally.

After Nelson disappeared again, Dwayne was in the process of asking boss DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O'Hanlon) for time off to track down his dad, when Nelson suddenly appeared on the horizon in a leaky boat. So Dwayne didn't need to go off and find his dad, after all.

But the idea of leaving Saint Marie to spend time with his dad seems to have stuck in his mind, and the two of them are now on an "epic voyage" together as father and son.

Dwayne remains in touch with his former sidekick JP (Tobi Bakare), who keeps the team updated about his journey.

Why is Danny John-Jules leaving Death in Paradise?

Production company Red Planet Pictures say the actor wants to leave the show "on a high".

He has spent seven years filming the drama in Guadeloupe, with his two young children Danté and Danaè playing minor roles in the show as Jackson and Elize.

After leaving Death in Paradise, Danny John-Jules took part in Strictly Come Dancing. He also has a movie in the works called Amoc, and joined the voice cast of animated TV series Robozuna.

Could Danny John-Jules return to Death in Paradise?

Plot-wise, it would certainly be possible for Dwayne to return from his voyage and reunite with his police colleagues.

But the actor's exit does appear to be permanent, and there is no indication that he's considering a return.

Who will replace Officer Dwayne Myers?

Shyko Amos Death in Paradise newcomer

The vacancy on Saint Marie's police force will be filled by Officer Ruby Patterson, a larger-than-life character straight out of police college. Played by newcomer Shyko Amos, she will bring fresh energy to the team. Oh, and she also happens to be Commissioner Patterson's niece.

What will Death in Paradise be like without Dwayne?

"You kind of take it in your stride, to be honest with you," Ardal O'Hanlon says. "You've so much to be getting on with, and you're so busy, you kind of go, 'Okay, okay, so Danny's not here, we just deal with that, and Oh! here comes Shyko, and we deal with that.' So it's the nature of the show... Danny was a much-loved character clearly, but I really do believe Ruby's going to be a much-loved character over time as well."

Joséphine Jobert says: "Every time there's a new addition to the show or someone leaving, it changes the whole dynamic, the whole thing, but I think they've found the best person to take his place."

Dwayne's absence gives Officer JP Hooper a chance to step up within the team – with a new rookie by his side. But she's nothing like any character we've met before...

Shyko Amos tells us: "Danny is such a loved member of the show – and Dwayne, the part that he played, is so loved – that anyone would be on a hiding to nothing to come in and try and recreate what he has done and brought to the show


"And so by having a young female, a young woman, it took the pressure off and it meant that actually, nobody has to replace Danny, with Ruby, they just get to fall in love with a completely new character."


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