The cinematographer behind Heartstopper has revealed which scene in the first season of the hit Netflix show was her favourite to film - and for fans, it's unlikely be a surprising choice.


Diana Olifirova spoke exclusively with after being chosen for this year's BAFTA Breakthrough scheme, which provides a springboard to creatives in film, games and TV, and revealed that her favourite scene to shoot was in fact the now-iconic party scene in episode 3.

Asked for her favourite moment she filmed in season 1, Olifirova said: "I think it's episode 3, the party sequence and the kiss between two girls. I think I had like a four-minute cut of it because I just really like it. Whenever people ask me about it, I kind of think of that."

Olifirova explained: "For me, it was a big challenge to film it because there's a lot of people, like a hundred people, and you're trying to pick out the main characters in a quite chaotic environment, but you want to still see where they are, what they're going through, not just through a close up, but also have a wide shot to see where they are within the space."

She continued: "So we had to really find a way of covering it so it feels natural, you're not going to force people to look at them but you naturally see them, and then of course when Nick sees the girls there’s the lighting transition and all that was just very beautiful.

"It was my favourite thing to shoot I think. And also that whole sequence was shot in a lot of different locations so we had to find a way of merging them, using the same coloured lights and things like that. So yeah, it was a big challenge, but I really loved it."

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Heartstopper became a huge success following its debut on Netflix, with seasons 2 and 3 commissioned soon after. Season 2 went into production earlier this year, with four new cast members announced at the start of filming.

Asked how it feels to be chosen for BAFTA Breakthrough, Olifirova said: "It's very exciting. Some of my friends were chosen last year so I'm very happy to be part of it now and kind of connect with everyone."

Alongside Olifirova, individuals chosen for this year's Breakthrough scheme from the UK include: Alex Thomas, Alyx Jones, Ambika Mod, Chloë Fairweather, Emily Brown, Jack Rooke, Jamal Green, Joanna Boateng, Leon Harrop, Marley Morrison, Morag Taylor, Nell Barlow, Nicôle Lecky, Paul Sng, Rose Ayling-Ellis, Runyararo Mapfumo, Sophie Cunningham, Theo Williams, Zachary Soares & Luciana Nascimento.

Meanwhile US Breakthroughs include: Alex Pritz, Amrit Kaur, Brandon Perea, Charlotte Hornsby, Clare Knight, Daphne Qin Wu, Ellie Foumbi, Megan Fox, Melissa Adeyemo, Rebeca Huntt, Robert Ouyang Rusli and So Yun Um.

Heartstopper seasons 2 and 3 are coming to Netflix, with the first season available to stream now. Sign up for Netflix from £6.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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