The drama stakes continue to notch up by the week in Channel 5's cruise liner-set crime caper, The Good Ship Murder.


Tensions have continued to rise between our leading pair, singer Jack (Shayne Ward) and first officer Kate (Catherine Tyldesley), with last week's episode seeing the duo struggle to navigate a friendship after Jack pointed out Kate's lack of wedding ring wearing.

Well, things are only set to get a whole lot more challenging for Kate and Jack, as they not only continue to investigate the murder, but now also have a new job prospect to wrestle with.

In an exclusive clip for, we can see how things go from bad to worse for Kate and Jack, as Kate attempts to hide a leaflet from the singer.

When he asks her what it is, she says it's "nothing", but when he has a look at it himself, he quickly sees that it's a job offer.

"To work on a super yacht?" Jack asks, while Kate smiles and reveals that she's been asked to be a skipper on the massive vessel.

But Jack's face soon changes as he realises that the boat belongs to none other than their new potential suspect.

"One minute, you're grilling him. The next, he's trying to install you on his wonder boat," Jack states. "Do I think a billionaire murder suspect might dangle an amazing career opportunity to put you off the scent? As if."

But Kate takes offence to the statement, underlining the fact that she's genuinely good at her job and could've been considered for the role because of that – something Jack hasn't mentioned.

Watch the clip below.

With Kate walking away from the conversation once again, where will this leave the pair in their murder investigation? And more importantly, in their friendship?

Things seem to be at an all-time crisis point for the pair, with Jack saying that "everyone has their price" in the video above.

But something tells us that, while words can't be forgotten, there's something larger at play - and the duo's confrontation could very well lead to a bigger moment of truth-telling.

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So far, the past four episodes have delivered twists and turns aplenty, but fans will have to continue tuning in to see what will become of the murder mystery and who is at the heart of it.

But of course, as part of Ward's role, each episode ends with a musical number by the star, who told and other press that doing those scenes made him feel "alive".

He said: "I had a scream performing them on stage and I hope that comes across."

The Good Ship Murder continues Fridays at 9pm on Channel 5. The series is also available to stream on My5. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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