Geek Girl star Emily Carey has revealed that she'd love to return for a second run of the Netflix teen drama – noting that the "story is not necessarily over at the end of season 1".


The 10-part series debuted on the streamer on Thursday 10th May, with House of the Dragon star Carey taking on the lead role of Harriet Manners – an awkward but fiercely intelligent teenager who unexpectedly becomes a fashion model.

The series is based on Holly Smale's hugely popular YA novel series of the same name, which means there's plenty more source material to return to if a follow-up outing does end up getting greenlit, as Carey explained to during a chat for The Big RT Interview.

"With the source material, there are quite a number of books," she said. "Season 1 is book 1. And then we pulled stories in from 2 and 3, to adapt it for screen. So there's a lot of source material and so it's definitely a show that could go on and on and on."

She continued: "The story is not necessarily over at the end of season 1. So I'd love for people to want to know what happens to Harriet next."

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‌Carey added that she'd "love to revisit" the character who she described as "so much fun", while she also praised the atmosphere on set between her co-stars – who include Rochelle Harrington, Emmanuel Imani, Hebe Beardsall, Sarah Parish and Liam Woodrum.

"This cast is one of the best casts I've ever worked with," she explained. "I know it's so cliche and every actor says this about their show, but it is like a family. We all get along so well. And I adore them. We had the best summer. And so the thought of being able to do that again is very exciting."

Carey also revealed that she was "a huge fan" of the Geek Girl novels growing up, and said that the version of the character she plays in the show is very similar to the one in the novels.

"Holly had such a hand in adapting the book for screen," she added. "There's so much of her essence and flavour in it that it didn't feel too far removed, at least character-wise."

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All ten episodes of Geek Girl are available to stream now on Netflixsign up from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.


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