Oi! Bafta! You'd best make sure your hosts know how to pronounce Tcheky Karyo's name properly because if fans of The Missing have their way he'll be winning big at the ceremony next year.

Viewers of Jack and Harry Williams' thrilling BBC drama are demanding a Bafta for the actor after the second series came to a thrilling end last night.

The follow-up to their 2014 hit saw Karyo's Baptiste back in action in Germany and Iraq, as he attempted to solve the abductions of missing girls Alice Webster and Sophie Giroux, all while battling a brain tumour.

And Julien managed to crack the case against all odds, leaving viewers eager to see him suitably rewarded by the TV gods.

And they're not just eager to see him winning gongs either. They want a the French detective back at the helm of a third series.

Because there's no one quite like Julien.