Dynamo: I’d love to cast a spell over Game of Thrones

The TV magician says he'd love to get an acting gig - especially if it means becoming "the new Gandalf" in the HBO fantasy drama

Get ready for Dynamo – the actor.


The TV magician revealed his thespian ambitions at the premiere of the fifth series of Game of Thrones – and says he would be a perfect fit for HBO’s fantasy spectacular.

“I would love to do some acting,” he told RadioTimes.com. “I wouldn’t want to do anything stereotypical – anything that people would expect Dynamo to do.”

Still, he added that he would love a role in Thrones and said that if he ever popped up in Westeros, he’d probably get up to some magic.

“I’d be the new Gandalf – I’d make dragons appear and have flames fly out of my hands and breathe flames like the dragons,” he laughed.

Explaining his fondness for the show, which begins airing its fifth series soon on Sky Atlantic, he added: “I love Game of Thrones. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to play [strategy game] Warhammer. It is like the film of the battles we used to have. It brings childhood memories back for me.

“Game of Thrones is also full of great British actors and actresses. The characters are so complex – they keep shocking you and they keep killing everybody. I am not saying that killing is great. But it’s kind of fun the way they do it.”

Sign him up now, HBO!


The fifth series of Game of Thrones begins on Sky Atlantic on 13th April at 9pm