Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett says there’s still more to Gemma Foster’s story

"If I ever went back to Gemma Foster, I think I'd find something that I hadn't seen before..."

Doctor Foster

BBC One’s Doctor Foster, starring Suranne Jones as a woman who suspects her husband is cheating, struck a chord with critics and audiences alike when it first aired, spawning numerous water-cooler debates and a second season.


Four years on, series creator Mike Bartlett has now revealed that there’s still unexplored depths to Dr Gemma Foster. Speaking exclusively to, he said: “There’s something going on with Gemma Foster, I don’t know what, I think she’s got… there’s more capacity to that character than I know. I love that. Do you know what I mean?,” before adding: “If I ever went back to her I think I’d find something that I hadn’t seen before.”

“The same with Kate Parks, Jodie [Comer’s] character, in that. And that absolutely I felt in series one with her, that there was more to her than I’d found. And that was why she’s more in the second series. And she’s brilliant.”

Doctor Foster's Mike Bartlett, Suranne Jones, Bertie Carvel and Tom Taylor (Getty)
Doctor Foster’s Mike Bartlett, Suranne Jones, Bertie Carvel and Tom Taylor (Getty)

Asked whether he would be tempted to return to the series, Bartlett said: “Only if there’s a story that I want to tell, and I feel like it’s as important and vital as the other two [seasons]. I think not just to continue the story, but if there’s something that’s gonna feel as important and vital, and show us sides to those characters we haven’t seen before, then it would be great.”

However, the Press writer adds that he has no immediate plans to return to the character “at the moment”, adding: “I love doing new things. I’ve always done completely different plays, and I’m loving doing completely different shows and you go, ‘Oh, is that been written by the same person, I had no idea, it’s great’.”


Mike Bartlett’s new ITV series Sticks and Stones will air in December