As well as all the medical drama and comedy which comes from the grumpy doctor, Doc Martin is also known for its stunning Cornish scenery, with all the action taking place in the fictional Portwenn.


Martin Clunes previously told us all about his favourite spots while filming the much-loved ITV drama series, including some locations which have been made iconic across the 18 years the show has been on screens.

These include the Doc's cottage, the local pub, the primary school and more, which have featured across all 10 seasons of the beloved series.

With the show coming to an end this year, read on for everything you need to know about where Doc Martin is filmed.

Where is the real Portwenn?

The fictional village in Doc Martin is actually filmed in the historic fishing village of Port Isaac, which can be found on the north Cornwall coast. The Platt, the Cornish name for a market square, is at the heart of the village and has been used for special events throughout the series, including a lifeboat day gala in the very first episode and the wedding of Al and Morwenna in season 9.

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However, if you're looking for Martin Clunes when he's not on set, you're better off searching in the nearby village of Port Quin.

The small cove and hamlet on the north Cornish coast is where Clunes likes to walk his dog, along the cliff overlooking the bay. Clunes said: "It’s an old fishing village along the coast from Port Isaac. There’s a beautiful crenelated folly there called Doyden Castle, built about 1830 by Samuel Symons, which we used as Pentire Castle at the end of season 5."

Where is Doc Martin's house and other key locations?

Although you can’t actually go in, many people seek out the Doctor’s house and surgery on Roscarrock Hill in Port Isaac in order to snap a picture outside.

The cottage is called Fern Cottage, and Clunes is particularly fond of its garden. He said: "Doctor Martin’s house actually has two gardens. One that we use and one just up the cliff a little. When filming gets hectic and I need a bit of peace I can go up to the secret garden, look out to sea and get some space." The cottage went on the market this year after filming.

Meanwhile, the scenes set at Portwenn's primary school are filmed at The Old School Hotel and Restaurant, a former school, while the only actual pub in the village, The Golden Lion, is the show's Crab and Lobster pub. Port Isaac's Harbour Treats gift shop was also transformed into the local pharmacy run by Mrs Tishell.

Where else should you visit near Port Isaac?

Delabole is the third highest village in Cornwall, six miles away from Port Isaac and known for its 500-feet-deep slate quarry. The striking manmade site is worth a visit, but this is also where the Doc Martin crew hang out after hours. "It’s the village I stay in when we’re filming [the series]," revealed Clunes. "I have too many lines to learn to stay in the Golden Lion [in Port Isaac]. It's not as picturesque but it’s got a friendly, close knit community."

In the centre of Port Isaac's old fishing village, in a beautiful higgledy-piggledy building, visitors will find Potters (above), a charming little eatery selling sandwiches, salads and cream teas. Under its former name, Victoria House Café, the owners would sell Doc Martin memorabilia. "We had a deal," explained Clunes, "I’d sit there with a coffee signing memorabilia and the money from the signed stuff goes to local charities."

Doc Martin is available to stream on BritBox and season 10 arrives on Wednesday 7th September – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide.


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