Death in Paradise returns with a crop of new guest stars as DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O'Hanlon) and his team tackle some baffling murder mysteries on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie.


While Danny John-Jules (Officer Dwayne Myers) may have left the show, both JP and Florence are back alongside Catherine and the Commissioner. And there's a new cop in town as Officer Ruby Patterson (Shkyo Amos) joins the team...

Here are the main characters and guest stars in the Death in Paradise cast who will feature in series eight:

Ardal O'Hanlon plays DI Jack Mooney

Ardal O'Hanlon plays DI Jack Mooney in Death in Paradise

Who is DI Jack Mooney? When DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) left Saint Marie at the end of series six, DI Jack Mooney found himself taking on the top job and moving into Humphrey's old shack on the beach. An Irish widower with a daughter away at university, he has settled into life on the island but still finds himself a little lonely. He tends to disarm people with long (and sometimes rambling) stories and odd questions, but ultimately he is a brilliant detective.

What else has Ardal O'Hanlon been in? O'Hanlon is best-known for playing the comically clueless and naive Father Dougal McGuire in Father Ted. Since then, he has starred in My Hero, Robbie the Reindeer, Blessed, and Skins.

Joséphine Jobert plays DS Florence Cassell

Joséphine Jobert plays DS Florence Cassell in Death in Paradise

Who is DS Florence Cassell? A talented and capable detective. She was second-in-command to DI Jack Mooney's predecessor DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall), and when her new boss Jack arrived the two quickly became close friends and colleagues. Series eight has been extremely eventful for DS Florence Cassell.

What else has Joséphine Jobert been in? Before joining Death in Paradise, the French actress and singer appeared on TV in France, with shows including Cut, Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez, and Summer Crush.

Tobi Bakare plays Officer JP Hooper

Tobi Bakare plays Officer JP Hooper in Death in Paradise

Who is Officer JP Hooper? A young, ambitious and hard-working police officer who joined the show in 2015. He previously worked closely with Officer Dwayne Myers, and is eager to prove himself to his bosses. JP is married to the girl he had a crush on at school.

What else has Tobi Bakare been in? Recent credits include Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, where he played Eggsy's friend Jamal. Before joining the cast of Death in Paradise, he appeared in The Tunnel, One Child, The Smoke, and Silent Witness.

Don Warrington plays Commissioner Patterson

Don Warrington plays Commissioner Patterson in Death in Paradise

Who is Commissioner Selwyn Patterson? The gruff police commissioner of Saint Marie – and Jack's boss. He has a deadpan sense of humour and tends to keep his employees on edge, even though he is usually impressed by their crime-solving skills.

What else has Don Warrington been in? An accomplished stage and screen actor, Warrington has appeared in Rising Damp, New Street Law, To Play the King, and Hamlet. He played the President of Great Britain in an alternative universe in Doctor Who episode Rise of Cybermen.

Shyko Amos plays Officer Ruby Patterson

Shyko Amos plays Officer Ruby Patterson in Death in Paradise

Who is Ruby Patterson? After the departure of Officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) , there is a vacancy at Saint Marie police station – but not for long. Commissioner Patterson's niece Ruby joins the team as an eager new recruit, fresh out of police college. She has been described as a "bundle of joy."

What else has Shyko Amos been in? Aside from a tiny two-line part in A Very English Scandal, Shyko Amos is a complete newcomer to television.

Elizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey

Elizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey in Death in Paradise

Who is Catherine Bordey? As one of the most friendly and popular people on the island of Saint Marie, she runs Catherine’s Bar on the beach-front where locals and police alike gather to relax in the evenings. She is at the heart of the Honoré community and is always on hand to offer advice and create unusual cocktails. Catherine has been an important part of Death in Paradise since the first series launched in 2011.

What else has Elizabeth Bourgine been in? The actress has mainly appeared on French TV, with more than 60 roles in film and television.

Episode eight guest stars

Aude Legastelois plays DS Madeleine Dumas

Aude Legastelois plays Madeline in Death in Paradise

Who is Madeleine? After the events of that dramatic episode five & six double bill, Madeleine was sent to Saint Marie from the department of Internal Affairs in France. She was assigned to go over the case with a fine-tooth comb and give her verdict on how DI Jack Mooney manages his team. Now, she has been drafted in to help solve the final case of series eight...

What else has Aude Legastelois been in? The young actress has a collection of French TV and film credits including Nox, La promesse de l'eau, and Budapest.

Tristan Sturrock plays Adam Renshaw

Tristan Sturrock plays Adam Renshaw Who is Adam? What else has Tristan Sturrock been in?

Who is Adam? DI Jack Mooney is certainly surprised when he unlocks the police station the morning after a major torrential storm and finds the body of a man lying in the middle of the floor. The mysterious man is a tourist called Adam, who arrived on the island for a group birthday trip with his old university mates.

What else has Tristan Sturrock been in? He plays the role of Zacky Martin in Poldark, and has also appeared in Strike Back, Jamaica Inn, Doc Martin, Christopher Robin, The Crown (in the episode Vergangenheit), and Bad Girls.

Lisa McGrillis plays Hannah Wilde

Lisa McGrillis plays Hannah Wilde in Death in Paradise

Who is Hannah? The leader of the expedition. She had been taking this group of friends on a trek through the rainforest on their hired horses when the storm struck, and she advised the men to wait it out in their tents. In the morning, Adam was gone.

What else has Lisa McGrillis been in? A scene-stealer in Mum as dippy but loveable Kelly, Lisa McGrillis has also played Rachel Coles in Inspector George Gently and Caroline McCoy in No Offence.

Daniel Ryan plays Gerald Baynes

Daniel Ryan plays Gerald Baynes in Death in Paradise

Who is Gerald? One of the group of four friends. He didn't always get on with the murder victim, Adam.

What else has Daniel Ryan been in? You may have seen him in the TV series Innocent, or in Mount Pleasant, Home Fires, The Government Inspector, The Whistleblowers, or Just William. On stage, Daniel Ryan has appeared in Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Richard III.

Karl Theobald plays David Molyneux

Karl Theobald plays David Molyneux in Death in Paradise

Who is David? Another of the middle-aged men taking part in the trek.

What else has Karl Theobald been in? The actor put in a memorable performance as Dr Martin Dear in Green Wing. Since then his TV credits have included Twenty Twelve, Primeval, Pram Face, Sick Note, Plebs, GameFace, and Hang Ups.

Hari Dhillon plays Jay Carver

Hari Dhillon plays Jay Carver in Death in Paradise

Who is Jay? The final member of the group.

What else has Hari Dhillon been in? Recent projects have included Billions, This Is Us, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Holby City.

Episode seven guest stars

Richard Blackwood plays Carlton Smith

Richard Blackwood plays Carlton in Death in Paradise

Who is Carlton? The new boss of a local reggae radio station, who has been brought in by management to ensure the station appeals to a younger audience.

What else has Richard Blackwood been in? Until recently, Richard Blackwood starred as Vincent Hubbard in EastEnders. He competed in the 2019 series of Dancing on Ice.

Terence Maynard plays Dezzie Dixon

Terence Maynard plays Dezzie in Death in Paradise

Who is Dezzie Dixon? Jack Mooney is shocked when he's listening to his favourite reggae station on the radio one evening – and suddenly he hears a gunshot. The DJ, Dezzie Dixon, has been shot dead live on air.

What else has Terence Maynard been in? The actor is perhaps best known for playing Tony Stewart in Coronation Street. He has also appeared as Helios in the TV series Merlin, Van Helsing in Young Dracula, and Colin Bolt in Public Enemies.

Adelle Leonce plays Faith Butler

Adelle Leonce plays Faith in Death in Paradise

Who is Faith? Dezzie's daughter. She works at the radio station.

What else has Adelle Leonce been in? The actress starred in the TV series Shameless as Mary Mae. Since then she has appeared in TV shows including Strike, Ordinary Lies, and Black Mirror (in the episode Crocodile), and most recently she played DC Vail in Silent Witness.

Errol Trotman-Harewood plays Bunny Hicks

Errol Harewood plays Bunny in Death in Paradise

Who is Bunny? Another of Dezzie's colleagues at the radio station, and a reggae enthusiast.

What else has Errol Trotman-Harewood been in? With credits in both Germany and the UK, Errol Trotman-Harewood has appeared in Deutschland 83 (as General Arnold Jackson), Greenhouse Academy. and Die Inselärztin.

Richard Pepple plays Junior

Richard Pepple plays Junior in Death in Paradise

Who is Junior? A local 'character' and petty criminal.


What else has Richard Pepple been in? He played Dublin Hilton in the recent BBC adaptation of Andrea Levy's The Long Song, and has also appeared in Cleaning Up, Krypton, Little Women, The Dumping Ground, and Motherland.