The final episode in Death in Paradise season 10 begins in a somewhat unusual way, as a blood-spattered man called Emmet (played by Wil Johnson) wanders into the police station and confesses to murder. However, DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) and DS Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) aren't convinced he really did it.


Fans will also be wondering whether JP is leaving Death in Paradise after he got offered a new job in episode seven. Is he leaving the cast of Death in Paradise? What will this mean for Trainee Officer Marlon Pryce (Tahj Miles)?

Here are all of the actors featured in season 10 – and the Death in Paradise characters they play.

Ralf Little plays DI Neville Parker

Ralf Little joins Death in Paradise S9

Who is DI Neville Parker? DI Neville Parker replaced DI Jack Mooney as Saint Marie’s top cop part-way through series nine. He arrived from Manchester for a routine visit, but was waylaid by an unfortunate case of deep vein thrombosis and somehow stayed for the duration of the season, despite every allergy under the sun and unusual hypersensitivity to the sun. By the end of the season nine finale DI Parker was suffering an existential crisis and was as anxious about returning to Manchester as he was about staying in Saint Marie. Despite the all-clear to travel, Neville asked if he could stay in the job. Commissioner Selwyn hesitantly said yes – on a rolling contract.

What else has Ralf Little been in? He's best known for playing Antony in The Royle Family, and for playing Jonny Keogh in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps – and this year he actually launched a filmed podcast with co-star Will Mellor called "Two Pints with Will & Ralf". The actor, who comes from Manchester, also has a background as a footballer; and his recent acting roles have included Stuart in The A Word, and Steadfast in Doctor Who.

Joséphine Jobert plays DS Florence Cassell

Joséphine Jobert plays DS Florence Cassell in Death in Paradise

Who is DS Florence Cassell? Florence worked first with Kris Marshall's DI Humphrey Goodman and then with Ardal O'Hanlon's DI Jack Mooney, before leaving Death in Paradise quite dramatically in season eight. Mid-way through the season, she was involved in a two-episode storyline in which she was shot – and in which her fiancé tragically died. Reeling from her loss, she decided to move away from Saint Marie. But now she's back on the job!

What else has Joséphine Jobert been in? Her other credits include Avenue 5, Le temps est assassin, Summer Crush, and Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez. Joséphine Jobert left season eight, citing "personal and professional reasons".

Don Warrington plays Commissioner Patterson

Don Warrington plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson in Death in paradise

Who is Commissioner Selwyn Patterson? The urbane and charming but strict figure of Commissioner Patterson (Don Warrington) has been on Saint Marie for all 10 seasons and is the sole remaining original character in Death in Paradise. In the previous season we saw him struggle to connect with DI Neville Parker, but in as the BBC teases for season ten: “Selwyn’s frustrations with his new detective take a back seat when he finds himself in the firing line."

What else has Don Warrington been in? Don Warrington OBE is an experienced stage and screen actor who first came to public attention as Philip in the seventies TV series Rising Damp. He starred as the alternative-universe President of Great Britain in 2006 Doctor Who episode Rise of Cybermen, and (briefly) competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008. Other credits have included C.A.T.S. Eyes, New Street Law, To Play the King, Casualty, Hamlet, Henry IX, and The Five.

Tobi Bakare plays DS JP Hooper

Tobi Bakare plays JP Hooper in Death in Paradise

Who is DS JP Hooper? JP joined the team on Saint Marie in season four back in 2015 and has proved himself an adept and reliable police officer, although he is missing his compadre Dwayne (Danny John-Jules). JP has gained increasing responsibilities over the years and his enthusiasm for his job is relentless. In season 10, he and his wife Rosey become parents – to twins. Now JP has been offered a tempting new job opportunity, but will he leave the island?

What else has Tobi Bakare been in? Tobi Bakare has played Eggy's friend Jamal in both Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Kingsman: The Secret Service. He's also starred as Jamie in The Smoke, Chuks Akinade in The Tunnel, and Andy Dixon in The Shadow Line – and he was a voice actor for Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Élizabeth Bourgine plays Mayor Catherine Bordey

Elizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey in Death in Paradise

Who is Catherine Bordey? The mayor also happens to be the proprietor of the local beachfront bar at which the Death in Paradise team like to wind down. Mayor Bordey has been a constant presence since season two in 2011 and is always ready with something cold and refreshing to drink and some sage advice to share.

What else has Élizabeth Bourgine been in? In France, the actress is best known for her French-language movies and TV shows including Private Lessons (Cours privé), A Heart in Winter (Un cœur en hiver), and My Best Friend (Mon meilleur ami). She has also been seen in the TV movies Murders in Rochefort and Written in Blood, and she loves to post Instagrams from the set of Death in Paradise.

Tahj Miles plays newcomer Marlon Pryce

Tahj Miles plays newcomer Marlon Pryce in Death in Paradise

Who is Marlon Pryce? According to the BBC, "petty criminal" Marlon Pryce, 19, "is a ball of energy and thinks he knows it all. But when he runs into JP, his life takes an unexpected turn and he finds himself looking at a very different future to the one he expected." He's set to test JP "to his limits" when he becomes Trainee Officer Marlon Pryce.

What else has Tahj Miles been in? The young actor recently played Kendrick Manning in Small Axe's opening episode Mangrove, alongside John Boyega. He's also been in the TV shows Flunked and Class Dismissed.

Prisca Bakare plays JP's wife Rosey Hooper

Prisca Bakare plays JP's wife Rosey Hooper in Death in Paradise

Who is Rosey? JP Hooper's wife, who is now heavily pregnant with twins and about to become a mother for the first time.

What else has Prisca Bakare been in? She appeared in the TV movie of A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2016, playing Hermia. Prisca is also the real-life wife of Tobi Bakare, as well as his on-screen wife; they have three young children together.

Why have Ruby and Madeleine left Death in Paradise?

Two Death in Paradise stars, Shyko Amos (Officer Ruby Patterson) and Aude Legastelois-Bidé (DS Madeleine Dumas), unexpectedly left Death in Paradise between seasons nine and 10.

In episode one of the new season, we learned that Madeleine was offered a new job in Paris – and Ruby went with her on secondment. So while it sounds like a pretty final departure for Madeleine, perhaps the door has been left open for Ruby to return one day...

Death in Paradise season 10 guest stars

Tim Key, Executive Producer of Death in Paradise said: “We’re delighted to announce our amazing guest cast and particularly grateful to them all for making the journey to Guadeloupe during such a difficult year to be part of the show. Every episode features some amazing performances from a host of famous guests who were all a pleasure to work with and we can’t wait for our viewers to try to work out which one of them dunnit!”

Here are the guest stars:

Episode 8 – Karen Bryson plays Gardenia Dujon

Karen Bryson guest stars in Death in Paradise

Who is Gardenia Dujon? The founder and owner of a popular cosmetics company, Fallen Tree.

What else has Karen Bryson been in? Roles have included Hazel Melrose in Jed Mercurio's TV series Bodies, Avril in Shameless, Sergeant Melanie Pyke in Cuffs, and Helen Crowthorne in Safe. Most recently, he's appeared as Kai Elgood in MotherFatherSon, and as Vanessa Daniels in Bulletproof; you may have also seen her as Sister Philippa in the BBC's adaptation of Black Narcissus.

Episode 8 – Wil Johnson plays Emmet Peterson (episode 8)

Wil Johnson plays Emmet Peterson in Death in Paradise

Who is Emmet Peterson? Gardenia's good friend, who is an expert on the plants and natural ingredients used to make Fallen Tree's cosmetics products.

What else has Wil Johnson been in? He's played Joe Abernathy in Outlander, Dominic Andrews in Emmerdale (from 2012-14), DI Spencer Jordan in Waking the Dead, Skelton in Cracker, and Steve Robinson in Clocking Off. Aside from his work on British TV, Wil Johnson is also a theatre actor - with lead roles including Othello.

Episode 8 – Justin Edwards plays Patrick Harborne

Who is Patrick Harborne? Gardenia's husband.

What else has Justin Edwards been in? The actor's many credits include There She Goes, Home, 1917, The Trip to Greece, The Man Who Invented Christmas, The Thick of It, Pixel Face, and Love & Friendship. He is a regular voice on BBC Radio 4.

Episode 8 – Ayoola Smart plays Cassie Dujon

Who is Cassie Dujon? Gardenia and Patrick's 21-year-old daughter.

What else has Ayoola Smart been in? She starred as Audrey in the 2020 series of Killing Eve. Other appearances include Les Misérables, Vera, and Juliet, Naked.

Episode 8 – Kiell Smith-Bynoe plays Tarone Vincent

death in paradise

Who is Tarone Vincent? A "mystery man" visiting the island.

What else has Kiell Smith-Bynoe been in? Fans of BBC Two comedy Ghosts will know Kiell Smith-Bynoe well. He co-stars with Charlotte Ritchie as a couple, Alison and Mark, who move into a mansion which is populated with ghosts from throughout history. The twist is, she can see them but he can't. He also plays estate agent Dean in Channel 4's BAFTA-winning comedy Stath Lets Flats.

Episode 7 – Sean Gilder plays Skip Marsden

Poldark S4 - EP2

Who is Skip Marsden? A fisherman who hosts trips for tourists on his boat, The Midnight Rambler.

What else has Sean Gilder been in? He plays Father Graves in His Dark Materials, and Simon in the comedy Out of Her Mind. He was also Tholly Tregirls in Poldark (pictured above), Max Lane in the TV series Our Girl, Bors in Cursed, CS George Harris in White House Farm, Wulfhere in The Last Kingdom, and Marshall Franklin Ostow in Penny Dreadful. And that's only his credits from the last few years; before that he was in Shameless (as Paddy Maguire), The Shadow Line, and King Arthur.

Episode 7 – Hugh Coles plays Hugo Pickford

Hugh Coles plays Hugo Pickford in Death in Paradise

Who is Hugo Pickford? Possibly the poshest man to ever feature in Death in Paradise. Young Viscount Pickford is due to be married next week, and he's over on Saint Marie for his stag do.

What else has Hugh Coles been in? Hugh Coles recently appeared in Defending the Guilty, starring as Liam. He's also been in an episode of Doc Martin.

Episode 7 – Buom Tihngang plays Ollie Gordon

Buom Tihngang plays Ollie Gordon in Death in Paradise

Who is Ollie Gordon? One of Hugo's best mates from school.

What else has Buom Tihngang been in? The young actor starred in a couple of 2020 episodes of Doctor Who, playing the character Tibo. He also played Demba in World on Fire, Johnny in Endeavour, and Barclay in the TV series Life.

Episode 7 – Colin Ryan plays Jamie Santisuk

Colin Ryan plays Jamie Santisuk in Death in Paradise

Who is Jamie Santisuk? Another of Hugo's best friends from school. Jamie owns a nightclub.

What else has Colin Ryan been in? The actor played a young Lorenzo de' Medici in the BBC drama Leonardo, and he starred as Harry in the 2017 Doctor Who episode Knock Knock. Other credits include Shakespeare & Hathaway, Hounded, and the voice of Alphinaud in video game Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

Episode 7 – Lewis Reeves plays Finlay McEwan

Lewis Reeves plays Finlay McEwan in Death in Paradise

Who is Finlay McEwan? Hugo's friend from university. All the other members of the stag party went to school together, but Finlay joined the group of friends later on. He is a lawyer.

What else has Lewis Reeves been in? The actor has starred as DC Jake Collier in Unforgotten, and as David in I May Destroy You. He also played Jake in comedy horror drama Crazyhead, and voices Gareth Walker in FIFA 17 and 18. Other credits include Misfits, The Support Group, Born a King, and Uncle.

Episode 7 – Kellie Shirley plays Pamela Bellman

Kellie Shirley plays Pamela Bellman in Death in Paradise

Who is Pamela Bellman? Pamela is probably not her real name; we know she is involved with a smuggling ring.

What else has Kellie Shirley been in? She had a stint in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, playing Carly. Since then she's starred as Kirsty in Idris Elba's TV drama In the Long Run, and appeared in Call the Midwife, Doctors, and king of Thieves.

Episodes 5 & 6 – Sara Martins plays DS Camille Bordey

Sara Martins plays DS Camille Bordey in Death in Paradise

Who is DS Camille Bordey? Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey joined Death in Paradise in the first-ever episode of the show, staying on until part-way through series four. She worked alongside Ben Miller's DI Richard Poole; the two initially clashed, but over time they developed a close friendship. After DI Poole's murder, her new boss was DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and they, too, had initial struggles to get along but slowly became close.

Why did DS Camille Bordey leave – and why is she back? Camille was offered an undercover job in Paris in series four, and she decided to take the career opportunity and leave Saint Marie behind. But we don't yet know why she's returned to the island for a two-part storyline in series 10...

What else has Sara Martins been in? The Portuguese-French actress mainly appears in French-language films and TV shows, including Réunions, Grand Hôtel, and Alexandra Ehle.

Episode 6 – Ben Miller plays DI Richard Poole

Ben Miller returns to Death in Paradise series 10

Who is DI Richard Poole? Or perhaps the question should be, "who was DI Richard Poole". The Detective Inspector was Death in Paradise's top cop until series three, when he was dramatically murdered with an ice pick to the chest. Here's how Ben Miller returned to Death in Paradise for his cameo as Richard Poole.

What else has Ben Miller been in? He's had some excellent roles, starring as Colonel Lancaster in Paddington 2, Rupert Murdoch in Tracey Ullman's Show, James Lester in Primeval, The Sheriff of Nottingham in Doctor Who, and Bough in Johnny English. He also teamed up with Alexander Armstrong for The Armstrong and Miller Show. Upcoming shows include Bridgerton (in which he plays Lord Featherington) and Professor T (in which he plays Professor Jasper Tempest).

Episodes 5 & 6 – Adrian Schiller plays Pasha Verdinikov

Adrian Schiller will guest star in Death in Paradise

Who is Pasha Verdinikov? A famous pianist and composer, who currently lives on Saint Marie. He is dedicated to his craft.

What else has Adrian Schiller been in? Quite a lot of things! On TV, he's played Aethelhelm in The Last Kingdom, Mr Penge in Victoria, Daniel Drewe in Black Earth Rising, Uncle in Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Wife, and Otho in Raised by Wolves. On the big screen, he's been in Beauty and the Beast (as Monsieur D'arque) and Suffragette (as David Lloyd George).

Episodes 5 & 6 – Lia Williams plays Grace Verdinikov

Lia Williams plays Grace Verdinikov in Death in Paradise

Who is Grace Verdinikov? Pasha's wife.

What else has Lia Williams been in? The BAFTA-nominated actress put in a memorable performance as Wallis Simpson (the Duchess of Windsor) in the first two seasons of The Crown; she's also recently been seen in The Capture (as the sinister DSU Gemma Garland), His Dark Materials (as Dr Cooper), Kiri (as Alice Warner) and Riviera (as Dr Emilie Mathieu). Other credits have included 2017 movie The Foreigner, Edith Montgomery in Doc Martin, and Nadia Herz in The Missing.

Episodes 5 & 6 – Sam Retford plays Joseph Verdinikov

Sam Retford plays Joseph Verdinikov in Death in Paradise

Who is Joseph Verdinikov? Grace and Pasha's son. He is not following in his father's musical footsteps.

What else has Sam Retford been in? Sam Retford is best known for starring as Cory Wilson in Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge. He played Nate in TV mini-series 'Hollyoaks: Tom's Life' back in 2014, beginning his career as a child actor.

Episodes 5 & 6 – Luke Bailey plays Delford Adams

Luke Bailey plays Delford Adams in Death in Paradise

Who is Delford Adams? Delford has been working as a gardener for the Verdinikovs for the last year.

What else has Luke Bailey been in? He's starred as Yaro in Noughts + Crosses, and as Ash in Ordinary Lies. We've also seen him plays Sam Bateman in Casualty, and Marley Kelly in Waterloo Road.

Episodes 5 & 6 – Niamh Cusack plays Maggie O'Connell

Niamh Cusack plays Maggie O'Connell in Death in Paradise

Who is Maggie O'Connell? The Verdinikovs' longtime housekeeper.

What else has Niamh Cusack been in? Aside from her work on the stage, Niamh Cusack has appeared in The Virtues (as Janine), Rebellion, Testament of Youth, Always and Everyone, Heartbeat (as Dr Kate Rowan), and The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends (as Beatrix Potter).

Episodes 5 & 6 – Delroy Atkinson plays Godrell

Delroy Atkinson plays Godrell in Death in Paradise

Who is Godrell? A guy who works at the morgue in Honoré.

What else has Delroy Atkinson been in? He played Derek Hayes in Luther, and was Mr Thwaites in the 2019 BBC adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Other credits include the 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Blithe Spirit, Enola Holmes, and Small Island.

Episode 4 – Gbemisola Ikumelo plays Dena Johnson

Gbemisola Ikumelo plays Dena Johnson in Death in Paradise

Who is Dena Johnson? A nurse at the hospital, who apparently takes her own life during the night shift – coincidentally while she's meant to be looking after new patient DI Neville Parker.

What else has Gbemisola Ikumelo been in? Most recently she's starred as Steff Frost in Roadkill, and as Shola in the short-form comedy series Mandy, and as Huma in Sex Education. In 2019 she won a BAFTA for her short-form programme Brain in Gear, and she was also BAFTA-nominated for Famalam.

Episode 4 – Idris Debrand plays Taylor Johnson

Idris Debrand guest stars in Death in Paradise

Who is Taylor Johnson? Dena's brother, who works as a porter at the hospital.

What else has Idris Debrand been in? Over the last few years he's made appearances in MotherFatherSon, Informer, and Kat and the Band.

Episode 4 – Clarence Smith plays Dr Joshua Dreyfuss

Clarence Smith guest stars in Death in Paradise

Who is Dr Joshua Dreyfuss? The doctor at the hospital.

What else has Clarence Smith been in? He's starred in Royal Shakespeare Company of plays including Hamlet and King Lear, and previously played Sergeant Rob Keavey in Doctors.

Episode 4 – Flo Wilson plays Lulu Deloitte

Flo Wilson guest stars in Death in Paradise

Who is Lulu Deloitte? A patient at the hospital.

What else has Flo Wilson been in? Aside from her stage work, credits include After Hours, Coronation Street, In the Club, and Fat Friends.

Episode 4 – Steve Edge plays Freddie Archer

Steve Edge plays Freddie Archer in Death in Paradise

Who is Freddie Archer? A patient at the hospital, who has the bed next to Neville's. Freddie is recovering from a burst appendix, and is desperate for conversation.

What else has Steve Edge been in? Recent roles have included Bigsy in Scarborough, David Foster in The Reluctant Landlord, and Billy Dawson in Benidorm. Other previous credits include Happy Valley, Starlings, and Star Stories; he also played the character Alan in both That Peter Kay Thing and Phoenix Nights.

Episode 4 – Danielle Vitalis plays Aneesha Cole

Danielle Vitalis plays Aneesha in Death in Paradise

Who is Aneesha Cole? Taylor's ex-girlfriend.

What else has Danielle Vitalis been in? She played Teen Arabella in Michaela Coel's I May Destroy You. Danielle Vitalis has also been seen in Famalam, This Way Up, Sliced, Youngers, and Attack the Block.

Episode 3 – Kelvin Fletcher plays Gavin Jackson

Kelvin Fletcher plays Gavin in Death in Paradise

Who is Gavin Jackson? Gavin and his wife won the lottery, to the tune of £8 million – and so they packed up and moved from England to Saint Marie, where they now live in a lovely mansion.

What else has Kelvin Fletcher been in? From an acting perspective, Fletcher is best known for his long-running role as Andy Sugden on Emmerdale, a character he played for 20 years between 1996 and 2016. Last year he endeared himself to a whole new audience when he was selected as a last-minute replacement for the injured Jamie Laing on Strictly Come Dancing – hip-shaking his way all the way to the Glitterball trophy with professional partner Oti Mabuse.

Episode 3 – Laura Aikman plays Cherry Jackson

Laura Aikman plays Cherry in Death in Paradise

Who is Cherry Jackson? Gavin's wife, and co-winner of the lottery.

What else has Laura Aikman been in? Aikman has had a number of roles on popular TV shows over the last decade, including regular parts on Casualty, Waterloo Road and Citizen Kahn. Recent appearances have included London Kills, series two of The Split and last year's Gavin & Stacey Christmas special.

Episode 3 – Faye McKeever plays Danielle Mackenzie


Who is Danielle Mackenzie? An old friend of Gavin and Cherry's from the days before they were multimillionaires. She and her husband Craig have just arrived for a visit.

What else has Faye McKeever been in? Recent roles have included Linda Jay in the serial killer true crime drama Des, and Jayne in The Salisbury Poisonings, and Deborah Peach in A Confession. She is also known for starring as Linda in the TV series Trollied, and for other shows such as Little Boy Blue, Broken, and The Moorside.

Episode 3– Jason Manford plays Craig Mackenzie


Who is Craig Mackenzie? Gavin and Cherry's friend, and Danielle's husband.

What else has Jason Manford been in? Quite a wide variety of things. The comedian, singer, actor, and TV presenter was previously a team captain on comedy panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats, and he regularly pops up on shows such as This Morning, The Graham Norton Show, Lorraine, Loose Women, and QI. He appeared in the entertainment show The Masked Singer, and has previously presented The One Show. As an actor, he's starred in several stage musicals – and also in TV shows including Ordinary Lies (as Marty) and Scarborough (as Mike).

Episode 3 – Hollie Edwin plays Melea Lewis

Hollie Edwin plays Melea Lewis in Death in Paradise

Who is Melea Lewis? A local woman working at a local café. She has a connection to Gavin.

What else has Hollie Edwin been in? You may recognise her as Sydney Hurst from Dawn French's TV series The Trouble with Maggie Cole. Before that, she appeared in Holby City and Bounty Hunters.

Episode 2 – Richard McCabe plays Prof Roger Harkness

Richard McCabe plays Roger Harkness in Death in Paradise

Who is Professor Roger Harkness? An archaeologist working on a dig on the island of Saint Marie. He is a pompous and somewhat dismissive man.

What else has Richard McCabe been in? Richard McCabe is well-known for several TV roles, including Mr Trencrom in Poldark, Justice Cunliffe in Harlots, Peter Westbourne in Collateral, Nyberg in Wallander, Frank Gresham Senior in Doctor Thorne, and Winston Churchill in Peaky Blinders. On the big screen he's been in Notting Hill, 1917, The Little Stranger, The Constant Gardener, Mindhorn, and Goodbye Christopher Robin. Aside from this, he is also a prolific stage actor and an Associate Artist of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Episode 2 – Luke Pasqualino plays Ed Lancer

Luke Pasqualino plays Ed Lancer in Death in Paradise

Who is Ed Lancer? A PhD student working on the dig, who is described as "handsome and foppish". Harkness considers him pretty useless, but he does have a growing online following as some kind of... archaeology influencer?

What else has Luke Pasqualino been in? The actor is perhaps best known for starring as Elvis Harte in the TV series Our Girl, or for playing Freddie Mclair in Skins – the role which really launched his career. His other characters include Paolo in The Borgias, Grey in the 2013 movie Snowpiercer, D'Artagnan in The Musketeers, and Albert Hill in Snatch.

Episode 2 – Bryony Hannah plays Rebecca Morley

Bryony Hannah plays Rebecca Morley in Death in Paradise

Who is Rebecca Morley? An assistant professor from the university who is out on the dig with Roger Harkness. She can be timid, but she is also determined.

What else has Bryony Hannah been in? You'll probably know her best as Cynthia Miller (later Sister Cynthia) from Call the Midwife. Other TV credits include Cath in cold case crime drama Unforgotten, and TV mini-series Christine – and she was Olivier Award-nominated for her supporting role in 2012 theatre production The Children's Hour.

Episode 2 – Golda Rosheuvel plays Alice Joyce

Golda Rosheuvel plays Alice Joyce in Death in Paradise

Who is Alice Joyce? The owner of the land on which episode two's archaeological dig is taking place. She is a single mother to Julius, and she is very protective of him.

What else has Golda Rosheuvel been in? Golda Rosheuvel plays Queen Charlotte in Netflix drama Bridgerton, presiding over the "ton" and keeping an eye on all the romances of high society. She's also previously appeared in Dead Boss, Torchwood, Lady Macbeth, and Luther.

Episode 2 – Jim Caesar plays Julius Joyce

Jim Caesar plays Julius Joyce in Death in Paradise

Who is Julius Joyce? Alice's son. He is a little troubled, and he definitely doesn't want the dig taking place on his family's land.

What else has Jim Caesar been in? Since joining the National Youth Theatre 2011, Jim Caesar has worked mainly in theatre – although in 2020 he played the role of Matthew Butler in Grantchester, and he's also been in The Witcher and the 2019 movie We Die Young.

Episode 1 – Eleanor Fanyinka plays Melanie

Eleanor Fanyinka plays Melanie in Death in Paradise

Who is Melanie Sharpe? A dedicated, determined young reporter for a local TV show. She is found dead in her pool one morning.

What else has Eleanor Fanyinka been in? Until 2017 she starred as Morven in Holby City. Since leaving the soap, she's played Nancy in the TV mini-series Pure, Samantha in Masters of Love, and Jade-Marie Pierce in a 2019 episode of Midsomer Murders.

Episode 1 – Patrick Robinson plays Garfield Tourné

Patrick Robinson plays Garfield in Death in Paradise

Who is Garfield Tourné? The hugely popular head anchor of local TV show, 'Today with Tourné'.

What else has Patrick Robinson been in? For many years he played Martin "Ash" Ashford in Casualty. In recent years, he's starred as Anthony in Sitting in Limbo, Marcus Ormansby in The Trouble with Maggie Cole, Cameron in Mount Pleasant, and Victor in Him. He also had a stint in The Bill, as DC Jacob Banks.

Episode 1 – Shalisha James-Davis plays Heléne Tourné

Shalisha James-Davis

Who is Heléne Tourne? Garfield's daughter, who also works as a reporter for the show.

What else has Shalisha James-Davis been in? Recent roles have included Loretta in I May Destroy You, Ayisha in Alex Rider, Amy in The Split, and Faith in Silent Witness. On the stage, she's been in shows including Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe (as Benvolio) and Our Country's Good at the National Theatre (as Duckling).

Episode 1 – Franc Ashman plays Elmina Blondeau

Franc Ashman plays Elmina Blondeau in Death in Paradise

Who is Elmina Blondeau? A local politician up for re-election. The Commissioner doesn't trust her one bit, but Garfield is a fan.

What else has Franc Ashman been in? The actress starred as Hermione Granger in the West End production of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Her TV credits include I May Destroy You, Liar, and Doctor Who (in 2010 episode The Big Bang) – and her film credits include A Street Cat Named Bob, playing the character Danielle.

Episode 1 – Ike Bennett plays Benny Morgan

Ike Bennett plays Benny Morgan in Death in Paradise S10

Who is Benny Morgan? The runner and general dogsbody for the local TV station. He is friendly and helpful, but not the sharpest crayon in the box.

What else has Ike Bennett been in? He played Ray in the Amazon drama Hanna, and Roman Donahue in Curfew. We've also seen him in an episode of Vera, playing the character Owen Reynolds.

Episode 1 – Serge Hazanavicius plays Henri Pigal

Who is Henri Pigal? The producer of Garfield Tourné's show. Though he is technically Garfield's boss, it's clear who actually has the power.

What else has Serge Hazanavicius been in? The actor is perhaps best-known for his performances in French TV shows and films, but in recent years he's also appeared in English language dramas including The Borgias (as Louis XII of France), New Tricks (as Max Clement), and Black Earth Rising (as Marc Previeau). He also starred in the Japanese drama Tokyo Trial, playing Henri Bernard.


Death in Paradise is likely to return to BBC One early in the new year. While you’re waiting, visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight, or check out our guide to new TV shows 2020 to find out what's airing this autumn and beyond.