Almost two years after its first series aired, political thriller Cobra is set to return to Sky for its second outing – this time with a new subtitle.


Cobra: Cyberwar will find fictional UK Prime Minister Robert Sutherland navigating yet another crisis – on this occasion relating to cyber warfare – with Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle once again in the lead role.

The first run was a huge hit for Sky, launching to a cumulative audience of 2.2 million and quickly becoming one of the network's most-watched boxsets, winning praise for its addictive nature and being awarded a second season shortly after its debut.

The release of the new series is imminent – so read on for everything you need to know about Cobra: Cyberwar.

COBRA season 2 release date

Sky has confirmed that Cobra: Cyberwar will debut on Sky Max on Friday October 15th at 9pm. And the even better news is that all six episodes of the series will be able to binge on NOW from the same date.

COBRA season 2 cast

Robert Carlyle reprises his lead role as Prime Minister Robert Sutherland for the second run, while Victoria Hamilton also returns as the PM's chief of staff Anna Marshall.

Speaking at Sky's Up Next event back in February 2020, the star said: "I'm absolutely delighted by the audience reaction and success of Cobra. I look forward to season two and welcome the chance to play the PM Robert Sutherland once again."

More recently, he told a press Q&A (per what lies in store for his character this time out.

"Obviously there’s been an election and his majority has been sizeably reduced," he said. "He needs to form some kind of ally with David Haig’s wonderful Archie Glover-Morgan, which he does which is obviously a problem for Anna Marshall because those two really don’t get on."

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He added, "His personal life is what maybe is the most interesting thing for me was where he was with his wife and his daughter because obviously there was an issue with lying to parliament with his wife and daughter potentially going to go for prison for that, but they’ve not - his daughter is now in Chile and his wife is trying to come to terms with this whole life. He wants to be there [in power] but I think his wife is struggling.”

Robert Carlyle in Sky Original drama COBRA CYBERWAR

Richard Dormer will reprise his role as Head of Civil Contingencies Fraser Walker, David Haig will return as Home Secretary Archie Glover-Morgan and Marsha Thomason will once again play Francine Bridge, Director of Policy.

Meanwhile, Bridgerton and Gangs of London star Richard Pepple joins the cast as new character Joseph Obasi, who takes over from Archie as Home Secretary – with the latter moving into a new post as Foreign Secretary.

The cast also includes Lisa Palfrey, Andrew Buchan, Alexa Davies and Dipo Ola.

COBRA season 2 plot

As you might have guessed by its title, the series focuses on cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, as well as the impact of fake news on democracy.

According to Sky, the second series will see Sutherland attempt to "steer the country on a more even course", assisted as ever by his loyal Chief-of-Staff Anna Marshall, alongside a team of dedicated advisers.

His plans are somewhat complicated by an assassination on British soil which unleashes a chain of events that threatens to develop into a crisis even more serious than the one from which the country has recently emerged.

Sutherland and Marshall are soon at war with "an apparently invisible global enemy", which leaves then unsure who can really be trusted, and seems bent on destruction.

COBRA season 2 trailer

You can check out the trailer for the second series below, which teases just some of the stressful threats waiting for Sutherland and co. this time around.


Cobra season 2 begins on Friday 15th October 2021. Take a look at our other Drama coverage, or check out our TV guide to find out what's on TV tonight.