Boiling Point, the upcoming series following on from the 2021 film of the same name, has now officially had its release date confirmed - and it's just around the corner.


The show, which will see Stephen Graham reprise his role as Andy Jones, will officially air on BBC One from Sunday 1st October at 9pm.

This means that fans of the film don't have long to wait until they can see how Vinette Robinson's Carly, now head chef at the restaurant, is navigating being at the helm after her mentor Andy suffered a heart attack.

Alongside Graham and Robinson, other cast members reprising their roles from the film include Hannah Walters as Emily, Daniel Larkai as Jake, Stephen McMillan as Jamie and Taz Skylar as Billy.

Musa (Ahmed Malek), Jake (Daniel Larkai), Jamie (Stephen McMillan), Emily (Hannah Walters), Billy (Taz Skylar) and Bolton (Shaun Fagan) in Boiling Point sitting together, laughing
Musa (Ahmed Malek), Jake (Daniel Larkai), Jamie (Stephen McMillan), Emily (Hannah Walters), Billy (Taz Skylar) and Bolton (Shaun Fagan) in Boiling Point. BBC/Boiling Point TV Limited,Kevin Baker

Meanwhile, Ahmed Malek (The Swimmers) and Shaun Fagan (Kate & Jake) both join the series, playing the new roles of Musa and Bolton respectively.

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Speaking exclusively with, Robinson previously said that the new series will "concentrate on Carly's emotional journey and the psyche of the character", saying that it's "amazing to be able to flesh it out".

She explained: "One of the things that people said about the film was that all the characters or the little vignettes that you had, the windows into those characters, you wanted to know more. So we get the opportunity to do that with a TV series."

Graham is also about to be seen in Netflix crime thriller Bodies, which unravels a complex mystery over four different time periods.

The series sees four detectives uncover an identical body at different points in time, with Graham playing an enigmatic political leader who emerges as a potential connecting figure between these different moments in history.

Boiling Point will air on BBC One and iPlayer from Sunday 1st October at 9pm. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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