Warning: This article contains full spoilers for Boiling Point episode 1.


It's been a long time coming, but finally Boiling Point the TV series is here - and, boy, was it a stress-inducing return to the kitchen.

Despite being at the centre of the 2021 film, Stephen Graham's Andy Jones took more of a backseat in the opening episode of the BBC series as we got a glimpse into his isolated life eight months after his heart attack and that cliffhanger ending of the film.

The first episode began with an edge-of-your-seat one-shot in the style of the movie, but later transitioned into a typical TV series approach, opening up the floor to allow for us to get a window into some of the characters' lives.

For the first time, we went outside the kitchen and followed Carly (Vinette Robinson) home as she struggled to care for mother Vivian (Cathy Tyson), but during the busy dinner service, we were also introduced to new characters like amateur chef Johnny (Stephen Odubola) and outspoken Bolton (Shaun Fagan).

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As the episode goes on, we see that Johnny isn't quite as experienced as he initially makes out to Carly, and has to research things like how to make hollandaise, eventually splitting it in the process and needing the assistance of Emily (Hannah Walters).

Similar to the film, this night of service feels like everything goes wrong very quickly - with Carly having to leave the restaurant, Freeman (Ray Panthaki) struggling to cope with the orders as sous chef and balancing schmoozing with potential investors, as well as wine being spilled on guests, Johnny nearly causing a massive fire and orders falling terribly behind.

Like we said, stressful. And while we do have a slew of returning faces from the film, like Gary Lamont's charismatic Dean, Izuka Hoyle's understanding Camille and cheeky bartender Billy (Taz Skylar), the premiere does also give us some crucial snippets around the new characters' lives beyond the walls of work.

Vinette Robinson as Carly and Stephen Odubola as Johnny in Boiling Point talking to each other in a kitchen
Vinette Robinson as Carly and Stephen Odubola as Johnny in Boiling Point. BBC/Boiling Point TV Limited/James Stack

At the end of the episode, as the staff pack away after an incredibly busy night, it seems as though there's a new rivalry of sorts brewing between Bolton and Johnny - after Bolton has been increasingly rude to the newcomer throughout the night.

Johnny waits for Carly after the shift and apologises to her, saying that putting oil in the pan and starting a fire was a "stupid, stupid mistake".

"I think it's pretty obvious that you don't have the experience of a chef de partie," Carly says. After saying that he "really needs this job", Carly tells Johnny that she's in a bad situation after the sudden departure of Freeman and needs a commis chef.

She bids him good night and says she'll see him tomorrow, but we then get to see Johnny at home as he wakes up his partner. He's happy he's been given another chance, and just as they're about to get chatting about his long day, we hear a baby's cry.

When he tells her to go back to sleep because he'll handle it, we soon see that there isn't just one baby in the room, but two.

Clearly, being a new father of twins has kept Johnny pushing throughout the shift, and it's only at the end that we realise what his motivation for making Point North work is.

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Similarly, in the episode's final moments, we see the rest of the Point North staff go out for drinks together, Carly apply for a £30,000 loan and Andy shout at Emily about the way that Carly has ruined his life.

But interestingly, we also get a glimpse into Bolton's life. The start of the episode saw the chef chat to his colleagues about his date that evening with the girl he's seeing, prompting calls from Emily and the others about how serious the relationship is getting.

"Yous are just jealous because I've got a bird and I'm seeing her tonight and you're going home alone," he tells Carly earlier in their shift.

Well, actually, we see how Bolton's night has panned out. We see him heating up a microwave ready meal for one and sitting down to a night of gaming on his video console, chatting on his headset.

Speaking about his character to the BBC, Fagan revealed: "Bolton is lonely. He's quite performative in the way that he acts in the kitchen. He puts on this persona, he's all laughing and joking to try and form a relationship with people. But he doesn't really have a relationship with anyone, apart from possibly Camille.

"He just uses humour as a defence mechanism. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, his temper and his anger take over, especially with the new chef that joins, Johnny."

So, could we be set to explore their lives further? We'll have to wait and see but for now, Boiling Point has certainly underlined the fact that not everything is as it may seem with any of the characters, new or otherwise.

Boiling Point continues on Sunday 8th October on BBC One at 9pm, with all episodes available to stream on iPlayer now. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.

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